Mpesa Foundation Academy: Everything you need to know

Mpesa Foundation Academy

Founded in 2016, M-PESA Foundation Academy is part of the corporate social responsibility commitments of Safaricom, Africa’s largest mobile telecommunications company. The school has over 480 students and over 140 staff. The M-PESA Foundation Academy wanted to approach education using cloud technology while improving its back-office systems.

The MPESA Foundation Academy is a state of the art, mixed boarding high school providing a world-class Kenyan education.

Driven by leadership, entrepreneurship, technology, and innovation, the Academy serves talented but economically disadvantaged students with demonstrable leadership potential.

M-PESA Foundation Academy - Admission

Admission into The Academy is based on an independent application process separate from the national process.

Each applicant must be in their last year of primary school, be at least 13 years old registered to sit for their KCPE examinations in November.

MPESA Foundation Academy - Applications for Admission

Admission is evaluated on the following criteria:

·  Academic Excellence

·  Leadership Potential

·  Need

·  Responsible Citizenship

·  Critical Thinking

·  Problem Solving

Applications are accepted from students from all counties in Kenya.

The Academy is an inclusive learning environment and qualifying students with disabilities are encouraged to apply.

The admissions cycle runs from May to November each year, and consists of filling and returning an application form (see links below) and, a multiple-stage evaluation process including, telephone and in person interviews, for selected applicants.

M-PESA Foundation Academy - Academic Life

At M-PESA Foundation Academy, learning goes beyond listening to the teacher disseminate knowledge and test accuracy. The approach involves elements such as collaborative and self-directed learning.

In addition, there is a rigorous study skills program so that students are well prepared to sit for the KCSE examinations at the end of their 4 years in high school, making possible the successful completion of secondary education.

Consistent with the Ministry of Education guidelines, students have a choice of KCSE subject offerings. In addition to examinable subjects, the Academy offers supplementary subjects to fulfill students’ other educational needs.

The Academy delivers and practices in diverse and excitable ways the following key skills for the future:

·  Critical thinking

·  Communication

·  Analysis and Problem solving

·  Collaboration

·  Curiosity

·  Leadership

MPESA Foundation Academy - Leadership and Entrepreneurship

This is an overall development program that nurtures students’ skills and builds a culture that enables positive change.

These programs cover social and servant leadership, emotional intelligence, working in teams, simulating real-life challenges and failures, elevator pitching, etc. The Academy cultivates students’ ability to innovate, irrespective of their academic strengths or weaknesses.

As such, students work with teachers and one another to design projects that can solve real-world challenges.

MPESA Foundation Academy - Technology

Technology is a key aspect of life at The Academy, building key skills across the community regardless of areas of interest.

In leveraging technology to support teaching, learning, and operations, we invest in the following areas:

·  Blended Learning: Our model incorporates both direct teacher-student contact time and online learning opportunities. As a way of accommodating diverse learning styles and to ensure that no student is left behind, blended learning allows for collaboration, use of online tools to practice concepts, and access to curated and open academic content.

·  Resource Management: The Academy maintains a digital resource bank of recommended and approved learning materials and other relevant resources from around the world, which students and educators have access to.

·  Administration: The key functions of The Academy are managed through central technology applications. This includes finance administration, facilities management, catering management, student management, and residential life management among others.

MPESA Foundation Academy - Community Engagement

The community engagement arm of the Academy is inline with our Responsible Citizenship value.

As the school is a community in itself, and as a way of practicing gratitude for the opportunities afforded to the members of the Academy, every member of The Academy community is expected to be actively engaged in the community service programs.

This programme is planned in the following key ways:

·  Sharing Academic Resources– The Academy will share the knowledge that has been tried and tested at the school. The Academy is building a data bank of resources in the form of recorded lectures, learning materials, teaching tools that are accessible online.

·  Community Service Projects (External) – Each student is required to participate in a community service project, guided by faculty and staff members. The students and faculty members will work alongside members of the community to ensure that these projects meet the community’s needs.

·  Community Service (Internal) – Every aspect of the school has a community engagement arm. All the clubs that the students are involved in will be required to hold regular in-house community events.

M-PESA Foundation Academy - Value Based Education

The following values drive life across all elements of The Academy for educators, learners, and staff:

·  Excellence: We are exceptional people committing to personal and shared achievement.

·  Responsible Citizenship: We value compassion and care for those around us as we contribute to the common good. Curiosity : We are invested in and take ownership of our teaching and learning in order to constantly grow.

·  Accountability: We hold ourselves and others responsible for decisions, attitudes, and actions taken.

·  Leadership: We have the courage to challenge the status quo in order to inspire and lead positive change.

·  Innovation : We see problems in our communities as opportunities for transformative action.

How to apply to join Mpesa Foundation Academy

Follow the steps below;

1.   Download the application forms from:

2.   Please fill out the application form for your year ONLY, as clearly and as completely as possible. Where information is absolutely not available, please mark (NOT AVAILABLE). However, remember that the more information you make available to us the better it is for us to evaluate your application. Forms from previous years WILL NOT be accepted.

3.   Attach copies of the following documents, failure to which your application WILL NOT be considered; a) Birth Certificate, b) Parent/Guardian ID, c) Parent Death Certificate, where applicable, d) Academic reports for the LAST 3 YEARS signed and stamped with the official school stamp., e) Co-curricular activity certificates, f) Evidence of leadership, g) Payslip of Parent/Guardian if employed and h) Any other document deemed relevant

4.   Write your first and last name in capital letters at the top of each page as it appears on your Birth Certificate in case the pages detach.

5.   Applications should be enclosed in a sealed envelope during submission.

6.   Online applications are encouraged. Ensure the application is scanned and attached as a single PDF document.

7.   Please retain a copy in case it is lost in transit.

8.   Note that admission into the M-PESA Foundation Academy will be based on an independent application process separate from the national Form 1 application and selections process

9.   All answers MUST be written in the spaces provided within the form and filled by the student applying for the position using his/her own handwriting and words. You are NOT allowed to insert any extra pages.

10.                Only Complete Applications will be considered.

11.                Note that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

12.                Any violation of the above will lead to automatic disqualification

NOTE: Application deadlines. Applications received after the stipulated deadlines will not be considered.

Where to Submit application forms

Drop off/Submit your applications in one of the following ways

·         Email to;

·         Post to;

·         M-PESA Foundation Academy

P.0 Box 7954-01000, Thika

·         Drop off at any Safaricom Retail Shop.

·         Drop off at any MPESA Foundation Academy, Mangu Rd. Thika

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