The danger of oral stimulation by pregnant mothers

The danger of oral stimulation by expectant mothers

Safe sexual fantasy is attached to strings of bedroom activities before satiety is reached. A warning scientific evidence revealed the danger of oral stimulation by expectant mothers.

Going down, which loosely defined as using the mouth and tongue to pleasure one’s genital area of his/her spouse as a way of discovering intense pleasure.

Experts expose that pregnant mothers who capture moments of oral sex will likely have an increased risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. The revelation targets expectant mothers on their third trimester.

At this stage it becomes hard for the women to try various positions courtesy of the protruding belly and, this, their spouses resort to foreplay.

If the pregnant mother contract one of the STIs, there is a 50 percent chance of the baby being delivered with the disease. This is attributed to the compromising position of the immune system.

Terri Warren, a nurse practitioner, specialized in herpes says that the immune of the mother is compromised especially when about to deliver.

“The biggest risk is when a woman contracts herpes in the third trimester. If you get herpes in the third trimester, there is a 50 percent chance your baby will get it at delivery. In the third trimester, you are immunocompromised; that’s is just a fact of pregnancy – your immune system can’t build an immune response the way you normally would”.

Experts warn that herpes infection at birth will likely lead to neurological damage and by extension claim the life of the baby with a weak immune system. As a mitigation strategy, delivering through caesarian birth is recommended.

Although the use of protection may not be effective, disengaging from oral foreplay is an alternative highly commended by the professionals.

Emanating from the societal perspective of pregnant women being inactive sexually, less information on safe sex for them is available.

According to the STI adept, women should seek external medical help on possible infections and understand dangers linked to infections during the last days of pregnancy. $ads={2}
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