25 things you’ll learn about health and wellness by 25

Have you ever laid in bed with bad flu alone in your apartment and wished that your mom or dad could drive you to the doctor and care for you like they did when you were little?

Or have you looked at yourself in the mirror and wondered how you accumulated excess body fat overnight?

Part of becoming an adult is getting to grips with the fact that your health and overall wellness is your responsibility, and you actually have to pay attention to it.

Here are 25 things you’ll learn about health and wellness by 25:

  1. Nothing says “welcome to adulthood” like being kicked off your parents’ medical aid and footing the bill yourself.

  2. One of the first things you learn is that having a high metabolism doesn’t last forever.

  3. Weight gain feels like it happens overnight.

  4. You can no longer eat what you want without consequence.

  5. If you’re best friends with alcohol, it starts showing on your face as you develop the saggy, drunkard face and your stomach starts to bulge out.

  6. You can’t drink as much as you did when you were 18 or 21. Your body just can’t handle it anymore.

  7. Crash diets don’t work. If anything, they accelerate weight gain.

  8. Working with a dietician and a fitness trainer on a healthy lifestyle plan after your excessive weight gain is the only way to shed the weight.

  9. As a result, you’ll value healthy cooking and eating.

  10. Your body struggles with pulling all-nighters and partying every night, and you realize that a good night’s rest is actually not a myth.

  11. Getting a physical exam every year is now a priority.

  12. You become a lot more aware of your high fertility rate and how easy it is to fall pregnant or to impregnate someone.

  13. Your sex drive is through the roof and it actually drives you insane.

  14. You start to become more dissatisfied with casual sex.

  15. Having a stable and meaningful romantic relationship starts to become something that you desire and look forward to.

  16. You start paying more attention to your mental health.

  17. Becoming an adult comes with many life adjustments. Your relationships go through changes, you learn to deal with finances, you adjust to living on your own and you deal with your issues. These will have an effect on your mental health.

  18. Going through depression as a result of being overwhelmed by life’s changes and challenges is horrible.

  19. Seeing a therapist is very helpful as they assist in putting things into perspective.

  20. You become a lot more self-aware and ease into accepting yourself as you are.

  21. You become better at managing stress and making time for work, family, friends and personal downtime.

  22. You become a lot more comfortable with being by yourself.

  23. You take more calculated risks that improve your life, such as leaving a job you hate and cutting out toxic people.

  24. Your life goals start to become clearer and you channel your time and energy into achieving them.

  25. You learn to be calm and hopeful as you realize that even though things might not go well all the time, you’ll survive and be alright.

Geoffrey Nevine — IT Services and IT Consulting

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