5 Ways Masturbation is Great For Your Health and Fun

5 Ways Masturbation is Great For Your Health and Fun

Feel Yourself to Heal Yourself

People with pussies* experience desire, arousal, and pleasure. And, just like our weenied brethren, we tend to seek it out for ourselves.

Think it’s lame to practice a little self-love? Think again! Masturbation is an enjoyable, healthy, and totally normal way to explore your body and have a little fun while doing it. Self-pleasure isn’t second-best – it can be great on its own or as a prelude to another sex act –here’s why.


5 Fun And Healthy Benefits Of Masturbation

1. Self-love shows you how amazing sex is supposed to feel

If you’ve never had an orgasm during sex, you’re missing out on the best part. Maybe you’re new to sex and you’re so focused on ‘doing it right’ that you can’t relax and enjoy it. Or perhaps your partner is too focused on their own pleasure to make sure you’re having a good time too. Either way, masturbation helps you to discover just how good sex is supposed to feel, so if your partner isn’t making your toes curl with pleasure, you need to start giving instructions!

2. You don’t need a partner to do it

We know some people think of masturbation as a ‘last resort’, but actually, it’s a fun and enjoyable way to keep experiencing pleasure even if you’re single. Plus, spending a little time giving yourself some love may mean that you don’t rush out and make silly mistakes when you’re in need of sexual satisfaction. There’s nothing wrong with giving yourself the good lovin’ you deserve!

3. It helps you find your ‘ooooh, yes!’ zones

Masturbating is great practice for the real deal: It helps you to find the parts of your body that make you explode with delight – and if you don’t know where they are, how can you expect your partner to find them? Masturbating helps you to identify your pleasure spots and also learn your body’s reactions. Self-pleasuring with a partner is also the perfect way to show them what you want in bed, and it can prolong the pre-sex part of your relationship if you’re not yet ready to take that step.

4. It gives you a super-safe satisfaction sesh with no chance of pregnancy or STIs

Maximum satisfaction, minimum risk – what could be better? Self-pleasuring is extremely low risk: There’s no chance of falling pregnant or contracting an STI. This makes it the perfect option for anyone who wants to be satisfied without exposing themselves to risk, or anyone who is unable to have sex because they’re waiting for STI test results, for example.

5. It makes you healthier

Masturbation helps to boost your relaxation levels and improve blood flow. It can also stabilize the mood and reduce headaches, and it’s even thought to be good for the skin! Plus, we know that it helps you to avoid sex-related health issues, so it really is an all-around win!

5 Ways Masturbation is Great For Your Health and Fun

Treat yourself to the pleasure you deserve

Often when you’re with a partner, you’re so focused on looking good and pleasing him or her that you don’t concentrate on your own pleasure. And if you’re single, why should you have to miss out on sexual satisfaction?

Tonight, make a date with yourself. Run a hot bath, light some candles and take a lovely long soak with your fave tunes playing. Allow yourself to experience the pleasure and satisfaction of self-love.

Feel Yourself to Heal Yourself: Self Service as Self Care

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