7 things you need to know before attending your first yoga class

Yoga class

Here are the 7 things you need to know before attending your first day of yoga class:

1. You do not need socks or gloves

With yoga, one concern is always your feet. Yoga is best done barefoot. Socks can make you slip and fall flat on the floor. We all don’t want that, now do we? If you do not like staying barefoot, you can purchase special yoga socks. They have an anti-slip feature.

2. Trust your instructor

Expect instructors to move faster than expected. Try to catch up with the class. However, it is better to enroll in a class where the instructor is hands-on. Heads up: Some instructors are overly touchy. If you are not comfortable with the instructor touching you, just let him/ her know it’s not okay from the start.

3. What to wear

Sometimes, it can be distressing not knowing what to wear for yoga. Relax, yoga is not for fashionistas. Wear something that you are comfortable with. High-waist light tights and tank tops are best for a yoga class because High-waist tights stay up.

4. Carry your yoga paraphernalia

Remember to carry everything that you need in your yoga class such as a mat, water, and a sweat cloth. Mats come in different colors. Choose colors that you love.

5. Be punctual

Try to get to your yoga class at least ten minutes earlier. This is not just for the sake. Arriving early can help your instructor analyze if you have injuries or other special needs that he/she needs to be aware of. Another advantage of arriving early is that you get to choose your space of choice.

6. Don’t go for yoga on a full stomach

If you go to yoga on a full stomach, you are likely to puke because of the hops and twists. Your stomach will not have digested all the food. If you have to, eat an hour before yoga class.

7. Expect the strange word “Namaste.”

Don’t be surprised when the instructor bows down his/ her head with hands together and says ‘Namaste’ and the class follows suit. It means ‘I honor you’ and is said at the end of every yoga session.

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