Do You Still Need to See a Gynecologist Yearly If You're Still a Virgin? Find Out!

Woman with a gynecologist.

The yearly exam is a time to screen for overall health and keep up with any changes that may be occurring. For a lot of women, their gynecologist may be the only doctor they see on a regular basis, so this makes it even more important.

For some women who are still virgins, coming in every other year may be OK, if their gynecologist agrees and if they have normal pap smears. But few women fit into this category. Most gynecologists recommend that a young woman, regardless of whether or not she has engaged in sexual activity, should establish care with her doctor no later than 18-21 years of age. There are many reasons to see your gynecologist.

Many women have a family history of breast and/or ovarian cancer and need to be followed more closely. Their family history may require that they have special tests at specific intervals or start testing earlier, than someone with no family history.
Others, regardless of whether you're a virgin, may have menstrual pain or irregularities that need to be looked into. Ultrasounds to screen for ovarian cysts or cancer can be a helpful screening tool for this, or to evaluate abnormalities like PCO (polycystic ovarian syndrome). PCO is a syndrome of symptoms that can be distressing and cause many health problems, like abnormal hair growth, insulin resistance, and irregular menstrual cycles due to difficulty with ovulation.

Still, others among you may have pain with your cycles that interfere with your ability to work or go to school and need special care and treatment. Causes can include endometriosis, ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids and all of these can interfere with future fertility.

It is important for all women, even if they decide to remain a virgin, to come in on a yearly basis to maintain a quality relationship with their gynecologist and keep up on all their important health issues.
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