Everything You Need To Know About Period Underwear

There’s been a lot of talk about period underwear in the last 12 months. Nowadays everyone wants to up their period game and get in on the underwear action. I get texts, emails and FB messages almost weekly from friends who want to know whether they are worth trying out. Here are the most common questions and concerns from women who are considering buying these undies.

Do period panties really work?

Yes, yes they do. I was just as skeptical as you at first, but they really do. Just like pads or tampons, you have to choose the type of underwear that works for your flow on each period day. For instance, if your period is on the heavier side, you don’t want to be wearing a thong right? Also, they are not bulky and you won’t feel like you’re wearing a pair of Depends!

Does period underwear leak?

I know, leaks are literally the worst thing. The struggle is so real. I remember in high school, I leaked onto my uniform, and I pretty much wanted to leave the planet.

In three years I have not had any leakage issues so far unless I wait too long to change my undies. This works the same for pads, tampons and menstrual cups. A lot of women I know use an organic cotton tampon or menstrual cup in addition to the undies as a backup, especially when they are first starting out or on heavier days.

Do you feel blood or wetness in your period panties?

I personally don’t feel anything when wearing period underwear. They’ve got their design down to a science now, so there is no pooling or puddling happening. The materials used are highly absorbent (just like most pads on the market) and you will definitely not feel like you’re in a wet swimsuit. However, if you feel a whole bunch of wetness, it’s a sign that you should get your butt into another pair pronto (see leaks advice above). Again, it’s important to change your undies on heavier days. I go through either two or three pairs on a heavy day, and 1-2 pairs on a light day.

Do I have to soak and/or handwash period undies?

Actually no. You just have to rinse them with cold water and pop them in the washing machine. Not any harder than washing a pair of nylon tights right?

What’s the best way to use period panties?

period pants

I’ll preface this by saying that my period is not super heavy, and your choice in period underwear will look different from the next girl.

My period lasts about 3-4 days, and starts out pretty light, gets progressively heavier, and then goes back to being light on the last day. I use a Modibod Classic Thong for the first part of day 1, then switch to the Thinx Cheeky or the Modibodi Sensual High-Waist Bikini. I will sleep in either of those and use them on day 2 as well. Sometimes if day 2 is heavier, I’ll use the Thinx Hiphugger or the Modibodi Classic Bikini which has a longer secured gusset that provides that extra protection and support overnight. I’ll use both of these for day 3 as well.

On day 4 I switch back to the thongs and I’m done!! You don’t need to go out and buy like 12 pairs of these undies either. I’d suggest you start with three pairs. Wear and wash, and see how you like them.

I know this is like starting all over again for many women, but it’s very similar to the switch we’ve all made from pads to tampons or menstrual cups. It takes a little finagling but eventually you get into your groove. Don’t get me wrong, I still use an organic cotton tampon or pad every now and again, so this isn’t an all or nothing deal. These days, I am a very happy menstruating woman though, and I want you to be as well.

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