How deep should the penis go during intercourse? Find out!

How deep should the penis go during intercourse? Find out!

How far should he go? What will he hit? Is it dangerous? Will it hurt?

These are common concerns of women as they begin to experience penetrative sex (intercourse); these questions and worries are there because the vagina is an invisible canal and the woman cannot observe what is ‘there’ nor what happens when the penis slides in and thrusts.

The uterus sits at the end of the vagina, and its bottom opening – the cervix – is the part that the penis will tap during thrusting, an alignment that is natural and designed to function just so.

How deep will he go? As deep as your vagina allows; as deep as is comfortable for the (receiving) woman; as deep as your and his physiques allow; as deep as the passion asks for… Men can adjust their depth of penetration so ladies, you must speak up your preferences so the sexual event will be free of stress or pain.

Why is deeper penetration better for a lot of women when the most sensitive parts of the vagina are on the outside and close to the labia and clitoris?

First, I should clarify that it's correct in stating that most of the nerve endings in the female genital region are on the outside of the body rather than the inside. It is likely for this reason that a majority of women report that a longer penis does not necessarily make it any easier for them to reach orgasm than a shorter penis. In fact, a recent study found that among sexually experienced women, approximately two-thirds reported that a longer penis either made no difference in their likelihood of reaching orgasm or made it less likely that they would climax. Of course, this study also tells us that about one-third of the women indicated that longer penises and, consequently, deeper penetration were better.

Why do some women like deep penetration? We cannot say for sure, but one possibility is that longer penises may provide some degree of cervical stimulation. It turns out that the cervix may be an important and largely unacknowledged pleasure source for some women. As evidence of this, a recent fMRI (i.e., brain-scanning) study revealed that a region of the brain known as the genital sensory cortex “lights up” when a woman’s cervix is stimulated. This same brain region also becomes active when the vagina, clitoris, and nipple are stimulated, which suggests that the cervix may contribute to female sexual pleasure. Consistent with this finding, there are some women who report being able to reach orgasm through cervical stimulation.

As you can see, the source of sexual pleasure may differ widely from one woman to the next. Some enjoy clitoral stimulation, others prefer stimulation of the G-spot, some want to have their breasts and nipples touched, and others desire deep penetration that reaches the cervix. For our female readers, the take-home message here is to work together with your partner and experiment with different types of stimulation, communicate about what feels best, and hone in on your orgasmic potential because there is no “correct” way for a woman to climax. The “right” way is the way that works for you.
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