How Does a Biomat Work to Improve Your Health


The primary factors influencing your body metabolism include your age, dietary habits, exercise level or physical activities, and genetics. However, despite following a healthy lifestyle, the metabolism may become slow with growing age.

Older people are more likely to suffer from muscle pain, joint pain, muscle stiffness, and other chronic pain problems. This is where bio mats show a positive effect. If you have any long-term chronic pain and wish to improve your metabolism, you should consider undergoing biomat therapy.

What Are Biomats and How Do They Work?

A biomat is a soft, padded mat that comes in the form of a therapeutic device. You can use this mat on your bed, treatment, or massage table and even on the floor.

The therapy is also referred to as far-infrared heat therapy. By using a computerized control panel, the biomats convert electricity to far-infrared light rays. The use of negative ions and crystals like amethyst and tourmaline further increases the soothing and healing effects of this therapy.

The ultra-conductive ability of the amethyst crystals enables the rays and ions to enter and penetrate your body tissues.

Major Health Benefits Provided by Biomats

Healthcare professionals, practitioners, and therapists have been suggesting thermotherapy for treating and soothing pains and aches for a long time. Biomats have just improvised this treatment option by using negative ions and combining those with far infrared light rays. The two major ways in which biomats improve your health are:

Relieving Pain

The use of heat and detoxification of negative ions enable you to get a gentle and soothing massage at the molecular level. This non-invasive technique gives considerable relief to people who have arthritis, muscle spasms, muscle pain or joint pain, and post-operative treatment.

The Amethyst biomat works like magic for the relaxation of muscles and improvement of blood circulation. The far infrared rays enable the muscles and joints to better repair themselves.

Relieving Stress

Besides providing you with noticeable pain relief, biomats make you feel deeply refreshed and relaxed. Using this device, you can convert your massage table to a healing platform and get relief from the everyday stress of your life.

You can also use the biomat on your bed and enjoy its healing power during your sleep. The therapy will make you feel relaxed in your sleeping state, and as you wake up, you will feel deeply refreshed to kickstart your day.

Biomats also help improve the immune system of individuals, reduce inflammation in the body, and provide better sleep. The far-infrared rays are highly effective in eliminating bacteria and disease-causing organisms from the body.

That is why doctors often suggest using biomats for the ones suffering from tick-borne diseases like Lyme Disease.

Thus, the trilogy of far infrared rays, negative ions, and crystals offer you positive healing energy, thereby causing the negative energy to move out of your body. This helps you in achieving a better and faster body metabolism. So, it is not a bad idea to utilize the health benefits of biomats and improve the quality of life you lead. $ads={2}
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