How a father’s care contributes to a child’s health

A father’s care and love contribute as much to a child’s health, happiness, emotional security and academic success as mom’s love does. In fact, in some areas, a father’s impact is greater. No one else can do what dad can. 

Fatherly love.

Studies show that children who have a consistent, positive involvement with their fathers (or father figure):

  1. Get along better with siblings and peers

  2. Are better problem solvers

  3. Have more initiative and communicate more effectively

  4. Are more likely to have success in school and career

  5. Are less likely to become involved in harmful behaviors such as substance misuse or criminal activity.

Ways fathers/father figures can be involved in pregnancy

☛Go with your partner to her prenatal visits

  • Get to know her health care, providers

  • Learn what’s happening with your partner and baby

  • Ask questions

☛Feel your baby moving.

☛Talk, read, and sing to your baby.

☛Watch, listen, and read to learn about pregnancy, childbirth, and becoming a parent.

☛Go to prenatal classes

  • Increase your confidence by learning what to expect in labor

  • Learn new techniques to help your partner

☛Encourage your partner to stay healthy during pregnancy

  • Eat healthily

  • Quit smoking

  • Don’t drink alcohol

  • Exercise

  • Talk to her health care provider about drugs and herbal products

  • Stay away from dangerous household products

  • Get rest and lower her stress

☛Help plan for the baby

  • Talk to your partner about what you both want for the baby

  • Decide where the baby will sleep

  • Make part of your home colorful and welcoming before your new baby arrives.

☛Continue to have sex if you and your partner wish

  • Your partner may want to have more or less sex than before she was pregnant

  • As her belly gets bigger, try different positions

  • Talk to each other about what feels good

  • As long as your healthcare provider says it’s okay, it is safe to have sex during pregnancy (it will not hurt the baby).

☛Support your partner’s decision to breastfeed.

☛Communicate, communicate, and communicate!!

  • Share your concerns, values, beliefs, and joys.

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