Make her crave more than just kissing!

Everyone has a certain spot on their body that happens to trigger an intense gush of emotions of love and bonding when stimulated. These specific areas need not always be vividly sexual, hidden away from the eye, but can be as exposed as the nape of our necks.

Yes! Easily the most sensuous act when you want to put the love of your life in the mood or to simply show her how much you adore her existence is a slight peck at her neck. This is tested to work every time, no matter how routinely you use it as an expression of your love.

What Does It Mean to Her When You Kiss Her Neck?

A kiss is the sincerest means of ushering yourself into the ecstatic world of affection, housing you, your lady and the dreams you two concoct together. However, each kiss has a different meaning and might be interpreted in various ways by the recipient.

While the forehead kiss stands for an expression of unconditional love and unparalleled respect for your partner, the neck kiss is more of an invitation for a sultry session later on. Most people regard it as the initiation of steamy foreplay even when you are doing something as simple as driving back from the grocery store.

Why Kisses on the Neck Is A Turn-on for Her?

1. It startles her

For most types of smooches, your girl is probably going to face towards you or get ready in anticipation to receive your affection. This is not the case when your destination is the neck! It totally catches her off-guard and you can see the pleasure that overtakes her in the way she blushes and smiles involuntarily even when her words articulate annoyance.

2. Neck has the NERVES!

With the rich innervation that supplies the skin of the neck, it happens to be more available and easily locatable G-Spot for some women. Yes! A simple kiss here would immediately set into action all the love hormones, giving your baby girl the wildest goosebumps.

3. It is your spot!

While it is normal for girlfriends to greet each other with polite kisses on the cheek, a neck kiss is reserved for her lover. If you are allowed to kiss here, this means that what you two have is definitely something more sexual and romantic.

Tips and Advice: The Best Way To Kiss A Girl's Neck Passionately

1. Don’t press on the accelerator too hard and too early

The first and foremost thing to bear in mind when getting intimate with your partner is to make sure that you don’t just press fast forward to the process. Sensuality is never swift; it is very careful in its ways. Remember, a successful and truly expressive kiss is the one that your recipient can feel and enjoy. Haste does make waste, and in this case, it might just give your girl the wrong impression resulting in her displeasure.

2. Neck kisses involve more than just your lips

A neck kiss does not mean that it is an affair just between your lips and your girl’s nape. It is a form of art and all kinds of art need to be holistically satiating. So, when you are slowly pressing your lips against the skin on your girl’s neck, make sure to make the rest of your body give off a romantic message to the rest of their body too. Holding them from behind or hugging them from the front while burying your face in the small space between their neck and their shoulder is a moment they will completely cherish.

3. You don’t need to open your mouth every time!

Closed lips kisses are a major turn-on! Gently wet your lips by licking them, and while embracing your partner, gently kiss on their neck without parting the lips in between. This has an added benefit of being a calmer means of approaching your girl, allowing you enough time to gauge their response before you let yourself slip into a more comfortable position with them. Closed kisses also give you the opportunity to assess your partner’s response in the form of moans or change in the breathing rhythm, allowing you to make your next intimate move.

4. Don’t forget to exhale

This tip might sound a bit bemusing. You might be asking yourself, what special effect does breathing have on your partner’s neck? Isn’t it something we do to stay alive during the episode?

By breathing, here we imply breathing gently specifically on the erogenous zone of the neck, permitting the slowly exhaled, optimally warmed and saturated wisp of your exhalation to sensually make its way through every pore of your partner’s skin. This reinforces the stimulation of the nerve endings, making your partner pull you closer.

5. Ensure a proper setting

Don’t embarrass your girl by kissing her on the neck (or anywhere for that instance) if she has forbidden you from expressing your affection publicly or in front of a certain group of people. This will only make her angry and lead to a fight that could have been prevented.

6. Be in a comfortable position

Once you are sure that there is a chance when your girl would consent to a physical array of affection, the next important task would be to make sure that you two are in a position that does not turn uncomfortable for either one of you. Sitting next to them, approaching them from behind or lying with them are some of the options that guarantee an intimate moment without anyone ending up with a neck sprain.

7. Use your hands!

This cannot be stressed enough! As stated before, a neck kiss does not mean that the rest of your body is now out of the equation. In fact, making the right moves with your hands and fingers can be one of the finest ways to start something so affectionate.

Take your time to caress your partner’s neck, trail their skin with the tip of your fingers or if they have had a long day at work, you can start with a relaxing massage. This has the added benefit of giving them the time to adapt to the romantic setting. The plus point: This move can fire enough impulses in the nerves that are present in this area so that when you kiss your girl, the effect is just potentiated.

8. Kiss very gently and throw in a nibble or two

Already stated, is the wisdom in being very tender when you kiss your girl’s neck if you really want to turn her on. You could add a tinge of wildness by very placidly nibbling on the skin, but make sure that you do not bite in too hard to leave a mark or cause them pain. As time passes by, your partner might give you certain responses that will allow you to spice things up a bit and to add aggression to your act. This comes to everyone’s personal preference; just make sure that you align your pace with that of your partner to make it pleasurable for both of you.

9. The tongue isn’t just for tongue kisses

Want to pick things up a notch? Throw in some tongue action. Using the tip of your tongue, trace the contours of their shoulder blades, and slowly glide your way up their neck till the ear. This is a recipe for ultimate pleasure! Adding to this tactic is the breathing effect mentioned above, letting you tap into your partner’s most sensitive zone using the power of three: lips, tongue and warm breath. Make sure that the bed is ready for you two!

What Comes Next After Getting Kissed on The Neck

A kiss on the lips

Smooches on the neck are the start to wonderful moments that are filled with a macramé of love and desire. If you do it right, your girl might proceed to take things into her own control and let her lips meet yours in an attempt to keep it going.

Your turn!

Partners are usually wary of each other’s bodies, so, your partner might use their knowledge of what turns you on to make you feel what they are feeling in that exact moment. What a sweet bargain!

The red signal

Getting turned on by a neck kiss does not mean that she wants to get physical with you right now. Your partner needs their own space too. Respect their choices and if they refuse to go along with your plan, just give them a hug and let them do what they deem important for the time being. They will let you love them when their minds are free and bodies are ready to receive your undivided attention.


Neck kisses are a foolproof way to turn your partner on when done right. However, not every kiss is effective and you need to undertake it properly if you really wish to send your girl the right message.

Like with all forms of physical intimacy, kissing the neck needs to be done when and only the time is right and the surroundings are safe enough for your girl to reciprocate your affection. It takes women some time to get in their lets-make-out mood, but it is always worth the wait and patience. Respect boundaries and take it very gently to let them feel every ounce of your affection for them.

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