Post-coitus clean-up: How to get rid of semen leaking out of your vagina all-day

How to get rid of semen leaking out of your vagina all day

Taking a shower immediately after sex and scrubbing your vulva and inside your vagina to get rid of the mess down there is a challenge for many ladies, only those who are clean freak will do that...

In the vast majority of circumstances, you don’t need to clean your vagina after sex. Your body made that vaginal fluid all by itself, so having it up in there isn’t going to hurt you. It’s also entirely natural to have semen in your vaginal canal — that’s, like, its dream location.

In fact, you actually don’t need to clean your vagina at all — it’s a self-cleaning entity! You know that stuff that ends up in your panties all the time called vaginal discharge? That’s your body’s way of cleaning out anything that shouldn’t be up in your vagina — which includes semen and lube, along with any bacteria or other things that got up in there during daily life.

This is true most of the time. However, as most people with vaginas will attest, it’s not that difficult to get out of balance down there. In these cases, adhering to some prevention practices is a good idea.

You have a few options. One such option is to put a towel or another sheet down just before engaging in intercourse so that when you are done, it will drip on there rather than all over the sheets you are going to sleep on.

Another option is to have some wipes, small towels, tissues, or an old t-shirt next to the bed (or wherever you typically have sex) so that you can grab it as soon as you finish. Another option is to just get up and book it to the bathroom! You can do this with a graceful rollover clenching your legs together in an attempt not to "leak" and clench your PC muscles on your way to the bathroom as well. You can even put the towel, a t-shirt, or some tissues in between your legs while you are on your way there so that no cum drips out. Lastly, if it bothers you this much, you can always have your partner pull-out just before ejaculating and have him ejaculate somewhere on your bodies, such as your breasts, back, or stomach. Remember to be safe and have fun! I don't want you to ruin your sheets or anything, but messy isn't always bad!

The Bottom Line

The good news is that, while sex is messy, it’s not inherently medically dangerous. I mean if it was, the human race would be struggling a lot more, right? That means it’s up to you to figure out what feels right for you to do concerning post-sex clean-up. Maybe you hate the sticky feeling between your legs and can’t wait to leap out of bed to shower immediately after the sex is over, maybe the stickiness annoys you but snuggling (after a quick pee break) is more important, or maybe the mess turns you on. To each their own! If you remember to follow these simple tips (there are just a few of them, I know you got this) you should be all set. $ads={2}
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