Products to Be Used During Pregnancy

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Having a healthy pregnancy can be simple when you take the time to learn which products are safe for expecting mothers. Pain relievers, beauty treatments, and foods can all affect women differently when they are pregnant. It's worth the time to understand which products will harm your baby and which ones are safe.

Staying comfortable throughout pregnancy can be difficult. Morning sickness, binding clothing, insomnia, and general aches and pains can make carrying a baby for 40 weeks tough. Fortunately, there are plenty of products that can be used during pregnancy that will make life easier for an expectant mom.

Soothing Morning Sickness

Morning sickness is a common ailment during the first trimester of pregnancy. In addition to getting plenty of rest, staying hydrated, and eating small meals throughout the day, consuming ginger can help relieve nausea. Ginger Chews from The Ginger People (, Morning Wellness Tea from Earth Mama Baby Angel Organics (, and Ginger Ale from Santa Cruz Organics ( are all delicious ways to soothe an upset stomach.

Looking Fashionable

It may not be easy to find comfortable clothing that will accommodate a quickly expanding midsection. It's even harder to find versatile maternity clothing that can take a woman from day to night and work to play. The New Pregnancy Survival Kit by Belly Basics ( is designed to help pregnant women stay fashionable and comfortable throughout pregnancy. The kit includes a faux wrap dress, a three-quarter sleeved polo shirt, an A-line knee-length skirt, and straight-leg pants.

Sleeping Soundly

Carrying a baby puts a strain on a woman's back and makes sleeping difficult. Body pillows can remedy this problem by supporting pregnant bellies and relieving back pain. The Serenity Star Pillow by Moonlight Slumber ( consists of three separate pillows that, when put together, give support to a woman's entire body. As a bonus, the pillows can be used individually following pregnancy to support a child from birth through preschool.

Smoothing Stretch Marks

During pregnancy, stretch marks can appear on the abdomen, breasts, buttocks, hips, and thighs. While genetics plays a strong role in the appearance of stretch marks, keeping skin hydrated may help limit them. Drink plenty of water and slather skin with products like Queen Helene's Cocoa Butter Belly Cream (, which not only keeps skin soft but smells divine, too. After pregnancy, stretch marks can be treated with Mederma (, a scar minimizing cream.

Supporting the Post-Baby Tummy

Abdominal binding has been used for centuries to support women's abdomens after pregnancy, reduce swelling and bloating, and assist in the transition back to a nonpregnant body. The Belly Bandit ( is a modern take on this time-honored remedy. Offered in three styles and several colors and patterns, the Belly Bandit wraps around the abdomen and is secured at the side with a wide swath of Velcro. The best-selling version is the soft and eco-friendly Bamboo Belly Bandit, which has antibacterial and moisture-wicking properties. $ads={2}
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