Reasons You Need to Massage Your Baby and Ways To Get Started

Baby massage

Massage is a lovely way for you to express your love and care for your baby. However, Massage also is an excellent way to monitor the health of your baby's skin. It gives you an opportunity to go over the entire surface and also check for dryness or chafing.

But, those are not the only benefits. Did you know massage helps ease the numerous transitions that your baby's skin goes through because of the developmental changes that he undergoes? It also has many emotional and physical benefits for your growing baby.

➲ Helps calm him when he's upset or fretful—massage has been shown to reduce the circulation of the stress hormone cortisol in the bloodstream.

➲ Helps increase his sense of well-being—massage has been shown to stimulate endorphins, which help uplift your baby's mood.

➲ Helps ease gas and constipation—stroking his tummy while massage can help disperse air.

➲ Helps ease teething and other health woes—massage helps release tension caused by, for example, teething.

➲ Helps relax his arm and leg muscles.

➲ Helps strengthen your bond—and of course, helps him develop a close and trusting relationship with you.

Get Started

For the first few times, you may just want to massage your baby's legs until she gets used to the sensation. It's a good place to begin because your baby is used to having her legs touched during nappy changes.

Then try to follow a routine pattern, perhaps massaging your baby's legs before her arms, hands, and body. Your baby will appreciate a routine. She'll find it comforting to know what's coming next.

Step-by-step baby massage routine:

⏩Warm a tiny squirt of oil or cream in your hands by rubbing it between your palms.

⏩Very gently rub it into your baby's skin, starting with her legs.

⏩Work your way up her legs, lightly squeezing her calves and thighs.

⏩For your baby's chest and tummy, gently place both hands flat against the centre of her body.

⏩Spread your hands to the sides, as if flattening the pages of a book.

⏩With your hands still flat, use your fingertips to stroke outward in small circles.

⏩Keep going for as long as your baby seems to be enjoying it.

Reading your baby's cues is the most important aspect of massage. Your baby will tell you when the massage needs to end and which strokes she's likes or dislikes. If your baby starts to cry during the massage, she is telling you that she has had enough.

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