Pregnant woman sleeping
Every pregnant woman loves to lie down occasionally to catch a nap or just to relax. It is therefore important, that you know how you are supposed to lie while sleeping to avoid complications like baby suffocation, dizziness, or muscle pains if you are pregnant. Knowing the best sleeping positions for pregnant women will determine the health both for you and the baby.

Outlined are some positions that have been researched on and found appropriate for pregnant women.

Lying on the left side

This position is easy, comfortable and safe for you and the baby. When you lie on your side, blood and air circulation travel through your body more efficiently than any other position. When feeling tired or start experiencing stiffness, you can change to lying on the right side.

Sleeping on your back

It is okay to use this position in the first months of pregnancy or in the first trimester. When you reach the second trimester, things change and baby growth is now advanced, making it risky to use this sleeping position. Therefore, you cannot lie on your back for long periods because the baby’s pressure can block the veins transporting blood to the heart and minimizing the chances of blood and nutrients supply to the placenta as well.

Sleeping on your tummy or stomach

This position is only recommended during the first trimester. Many women prefer sleeping on their tummy because it is so relaxing, fortunately, or unfortunately, this position gets uncomfortable as baby growth increases.

Other Ways to Enhance Comfort During Sleep

Since the most approved sleeping position is lying on the sides (and mainly on the left), it is good that you learn how to maintain comfort throughout your slumber. You can do this by adding some pillows to support and cushion your body, placing one pillow between your legs to give one leg a balanced position with the rest of the body.

You can place another one under your belly and at your back, to provide a cushioned state. Full-length pillows are also known to work very well with pregnant women because they support the whole body. These pillows should be soft and fluffy to give more comfort.

Most pregnant women suffer from insomnia or detest sleeping times because of the discomfort they experience. Knowing the best sleeping positions for pregnant women will help you cope with the pregnancy and find ways of ensuring that you are comfortable.
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