Semen-Its Importance And How To Increase Semen Volume

Semen-Its Importance And How To Increase Semen Volume

It is said that young age is the most beautiful time to live. Many youngsters go straight from childhood to old age and they do not know the value and the true joy of young age. Due to bad society, most of the youngsters play with their bodies on their own and get affected by many diseases related to sex and destroy their pleasant life by destroying semen.

Today's young people are devastating their life jewel (semen) with their own hands knowingly or unknowingly just to get a momentary bliss and as a result, are being surrounded by many diseases. First, we have to understand what is semen and its importance in life.

What is Semen?

Semen is a liquid substance that contains sperm cells along with other plasma fluids. It is white in color, greasy and sticky material which comes out from the penis during sexual intercourse or through masturbation. It can be easily visible too. Also, in the female reproductive organ, it works as a transmission of sperm cells. It turns into a sticky substance post ejaculation. Semen is the life of the body and is very essential for a healthy body function.

Its Importance in Life:

It is believed that one drop of semen is produced out of forty drops of blood then it can be easily understood how precious and valuable this semen is for life. Semen supports life and body which shines in eyes, and beams in shining cheeks, and also considered a treasure for life. Semen is produced by the cells of the testes from blood and contributing vitality to the body and its organs. Semen comes out of the very marrow that lies unexposed inside the bones. It can cause illness also if it is wasted in unnecessary sexual activities, especially for self-pleasure. So this is important to fill-up it because it is decreased with every ejaculation. During ejaculation, the median volume of semen discharged is between 2 to 5 ml and there are millions of sperm are available in the liquid of semen. You'll get shocked to know that on average, 15 million to 200 million sperms are present in ejaculation time. Out of which few are competent to fertilize female sperm.

How to ejaculate more semen?

Do you want to improve in your semen amount? Below mentioned are some elementary ways to make you ejaculate more semen.

1. Healthy Diet: It has a major role in increasing semen volume especially zinc and essential fats. According to a study, almost 70% of the zinc in your body is accommodated in your semen. It is essential for not only testosterone's production but also for increasing semen amount and sperm count. Some of the magnificent sources of zinc encompass oysters, red meat, dairy, nuts, and beans, etc. While essential fats are also important for the production of testosterone like Omega 3 fatty acids. Foods such as olives, olive oils, flaxseed oil, and fish that contain Omega 3 fatty acids are great sources of it. This is that hormone that commands your sex drive and reproductive function.

2. Natural Semen Enhancing Pills: Other than diet, natural semen enhancing pills are the most popular and effective alternative to increase semen amount from a median volume. These pills are contained with efficacious herbs and amino acids along with other nutrients that can make development in your semen production manifold. These help you to produce more semen within a couple of months and an increased volume of semen may enhance more pleasure on ejaculation as well as could be great for sex life. To increase blood flow in the penis during sexual stimulation and enhance sex drive with a harder and stiffer erection can be regarded as an advantage of these pills.

3. Natural Supplements: Besides this, natural supplements related to semen may also enhance that power by which you ejaculate and as a result, you may experience vigorous orgasms. These supplements do not have side effects and are also endorsed by reputed doctors. $ads={2}

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