The clothing you wear for exercise matters

Workout Clothing
The clothing you wear for exercise should be specifically for that exercise. It should be comfortable and not too tight or binding at the joints. Though appearance is important to everyone, comfort in exercise is more important than looks. Clothing should not restrict movement in any way. Preferably, the clothing that comes in direct contact with the body should be porous to allow for sweat evaporation.

Some fabrics, for example, Gortex, allow heat loss and sweat evaporation while protecting against wind and rain. Some women, especially those who need extra support, should consider using an exercise bra, and men may benefit from an athletic supporter. A warm-up suit over other exercise apparel is recommended because it can be removed during exercise if desired. Some exercise apparel marketed to promote weight loss resulting from increased sweating can be dangerous. Suits that are nonporous and trap sweat inside preventing the cooling effect that results from the normal evaporation of sweat should not be worn.

Absorbent socks that fit properly should be worn during exercise. Socks that are too short can cause ingrown toenails, and loose-fitting socks can cause blisters. Not wearing socks can result in blisters, abrasions, odor, and excess wear on shoes.

Some activities require special protective apparel. For example, helmets are recommended for bikers and in-line skaters. Statistics indicate a 75 percent decrease in the risk of injury when wearing a helmet. Gloves, pads, and padded clothing can also help reduce the risk of injury. These may be especially important for beginning rollerblades since there is a high rate of falling for novices. Bikers, joggers, and walkers should consider reflective clothing and shoes, especially if the activity takes place when the light is restricted. Some experts now recommend water shoes to protect the feet for those who do extensive water aerobics exercises. It would be wise to investigate the proper apparel and equipment needs for new activities in your activity program.
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