The effect of coffee to the female body

The effect of coffee to the female body

The main disadvantage of this drink is caffeine, which at the same time can be considered it is a plus. This substance is just responsible for our vigor, endurance, and better thinking. On the other hand, caffeine irritates the nervous system. With a low concentration of this substance in the body, it does not cause much harm.

But the female body is more sensitive to external influences than in men and the consequences can be much more serious.

So, excessive consumption of coffee can cause the following phenomena in women:

➤ During pregnancy, too, you should not drink a lot of coffee. This can lead to the development of gestational diabetes in a child, growth retardation, and underweight. Coffee also adversely affects the development of all systems of the fetus, it is especially harmful to the cardiovascular and nervous. In addition, the drink causes swelling of the body, increases anxiety, irritability, causes sleep disturbance, and other unpleasant conditions.

➤ The probability of conceiving a child is significantly reduced.

➤ It is necessary to reduce the amount of coffee consumed during menstruation. Caffeine, contained in large quantities in the powder, irritates the nervous system. At this time, ladies and so are in an unstable mental and emotional state, and an additional external stimulus to them to anything. Again – coffee retains fluid in the body, which is fraught with strong edema. During menstruation, women often suffer from this, and a drink can significantly worsen the condition.

➤ In addition to health, do not forget about external beauty. In large quantities of coffee leads to the development of cellulite and the appearance of a large number of wrinkles. It is these two factors that are a frequent cause of female tears, and a drink so much loved by many can do even more harm to appearance. In addition to these two points, such drinking worsens the color of tooth enamel, makes the skin dry, which also adds neither beauty nor mood.

It turns out that women, in principle, should abandon coffee. Its consumption can adversely affect the pregnancy and the general condition during menstruation. And, in general, this drink does not contribute to the preservation of beauty. But to refuse such a delicious aromatic drink is very, very difficult.

And how then to be?

Here’s what to do.

If we consider that coffee is not only harmful, but there are also many benefits, then a complete rejection of it is not the best option. By following a few simple rules, you can somewhat reduce the negative impact of grain drink on a woman’s body.

➲ Choose only natural coffee, which is much healthier to drink. Soluble varieties are tasteless and often very harmful.

➲ It can be found in the sale of decaffeinated coffee. Sometimes it costs a little more, but health, as we know, is more expensive.

➲ The maximum allowable rate, which is not capable of harm – 1-2 cups per day. Moreover, a weak drink and preferably with milk or cream.

Compliance with these simple rules is quite enough so that you can enjoy your favorite drink and not harm yourself. But during pregnancy and during menstruation, it is still necessary to completely eliminate it from the diet. Not worth the risk.

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