It is very important that all women should be concerned about their vaginal health. If you want to protect yourself from common yeast infections and vaginal odor, then follow these simple Commandments to keep your vagina healthy.

Ladies, “one day, one pant!” (or panties, or underwear, or whatever!) Put on clean, washed panties every day after bathing. Don’t repeat, please, if you could. It keeps things fresh and beautiful down there!

Never share your panties with someone else. I know ladies who do this! Like seriously? Some things are called “private”! Hey, here, sharing is NOT caring! It is not healthy…it is not healthy! Stop it!

There’s nothing wrong with once in a while, iron your panties. Use low heat. Follow the instructions written on the panties. This is a general tip, and might not be appropriate for some types of underwear.

Cotton material is the healthiest. It is smooth, comfortable, and ideal. Better than satin, lace, nylon, wool, velvet, or whatever! Get cotton panties if you can. It is the best.

As much as you could, always hand-wash (preferably, with warm water) and a soft detergent; instead of using the washing machine. Never use bleach. Wash separately, and not with your regular clothes. Take good care of them. Handle with care.

Sun-drying is the best! After washing, dry naturally. Avoid the use of artificial dryers. The sun rays are powerful—let them touch your panties. It is lovely that way!
Buy quality panties. Save some money and get beautiful and new ones. Please, avoid “second-hand” or “fairly-used” underwear. This is something you should invest in for the sake of your health…and your body will be happy you did!

Always replace your panties after every few months. You don’t have to wait until it is torn and worn out!

If you are having excessive vaginal discharge (either normal or infections), you might want to keep the place as dry as possible and often. Try using a “panties liner” to help absorb stuff. It also helps hasten recovery.

As much as possible, avoid going to bed with panties on. Except, maybe you’re on your period, and want to keep things intact. Try getting boxers or pajamas! Scanty and loose-fitting nightgowns are better! Allow for fresh air and ventilation! $ads={2}
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