Vaginal itching: Ways to avoid this unsettling below-the-belt problem

Vaginal itching

Having an itch down there that won’t go away is embarrassing to talk about and deal with. But before you let your mind wander too much under the influence of search engines, here’s some good news.

The cause of your itch may not be what you think! It may actually just be something as simple as irritation from lifestyle factors, and the use of everyday products that just don’t agree with your body.

Here are some ways to avoid this unsettling below-the-belt problem.

Choose the Right Type of Underwear

Did you know? Your underwear can affect your health – your vaginal health, specifically. For example, too-tight underwear isn’t just unflattering, it can also promote skin chafing and irritation, because of the friction of fabric rubbing against your skin. Material plays a big role too. For instance, cotton (at least at the vaginal area) is recommended, as synthetic materials, though pretty, don’t facilitate airflow as well. This results in more heat and moisture build-up, which may be the cause of your itch!

Don’t Go Overboard with Soap!

It’s understandable to feel the need to freshen up, but do be careful about the ingredients in your soap or shower gels. For example, perfumed soap or cleansers can mess with your vagina’s pH balance, which is likely to irritate your skin. You could consider using cleansers specially formulated for nether regions, which will help maintain hygiene in your intimate zone, without disrupting your natural pH. A healthy vaginal pH is anywhere between 3.5 to 4.5, in which “good” bacteria thrive. However, regular soaps/shower gels have pH values of 9 to 10, which can disrupt your vaginal pH. Basically, just try to steer clear of any cleaners that could be harsh on your skin. And remember – be gentle! Over-scrubbing your skin can lead to chafing and angry skin, but if you really prefer the feel of lather, you’ll be glad to know that feminine washes come in a foamy consistency too.

Go Simple with Toilet Paper

Here’s how your toilet paper could be messing with your lady parts. If your toilet paper is scented, it could upset the pH balance and cause some irritation down there, especially if you have sensitive skin. It’s best to stick with something plain and unscented. We also hear that pristine-white toilet paper, while pleasing to the eye, may actually contain bleach, which could also disrupt things down there. Hence our advice to go simple – it’ll save you money too, plus, white or not, they all get flushed away eventually, don’t they?

Use Hypoallergenic Detergent

We know this is quite ironic. Clean underwear that smells oh-so-nice-and fresh, a probable cause of your itch? Well, you might want to have a closer look at the chemical makeup of your laundry detergent. Some brands have high levels of perfume in their cleaning products (which was perhaps a push factor for why you bought them in the first place). But try sticking with milder ones, at least for your underwear. Being fragrance and dye-free, among many other pros, they are recommended for people with skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, or dry skin. Considering that the skin around the vaginal area is one of the more sensitive parts of your body, this tip is sure worth trying. Plus, it’s more gentle on your skin.

Change Your Gym Clothes After A Workout

How bad is it to sit in your sweaty clothes after working out? While it’s kind of gross, we’ve all been there – feeling tired after a vigorous workout and not wanting to budge an inch! Like other parts of your body, your vagina will itch if there’s sweat, especially when you’re in workout gear, which is typically tight (imagine sweat rubbing against your skin every step you take!). So, you might want to consider resisting the temptation to laze around after a workout. Take a few seconds (and your last few shreds of energy) to change out of your clothes, and see the difference!

Consider Going Commando to Sleep

Breathable underwear is great, so no underwear is even better, yes? Because air can flow freely, your bits can breathe at night. And you’re not likely to sweat when you’re sleeping, so there’s no moisture that needs to be absorbed.

If you’re not comfortable with going panty-less, try getting really comfy underwear like the infamous “Granny Panties” because really, who’s there to judge?

Remember that this only applies to bedtime – going without underwear when you’re up and about will leave the natural moisture in your vagina nowhere to go, which can also irritate your skin.

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