Ways overwhelmed mum can indulge themselves and beat stress

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Women face special stresses and have unique needs when it comes to stress relievers and healthy lifestyle choices.

The daily demands of motherhood can be pretty hard on the average mum. While it’s great to constantly be on your toes working at being your best for your kids, you should remember to indulge yourself often, especially in things you love. This relaxes you and curbs stress because really, a stressed up mum does all she has to do, but with a lot more screaming and frowns than is actually necessary.

The following are different ways overwhelmed mum can indulge themselves and beat stress

Be stylish. 

Are you one of those mums with the trademark maternity jeans, sweatshirts, no make-up, or do you believe that being a mum disqualifies you from looking drop-dead gorgeous? Well, truth be told, every mum can and should look good. Indulging yourself this way is not so much about proving to the world that after the kids you can still look good. Instead, it’s about igniting fiery warmth within you because somehow, looking good does feel really good and come on, who wants to pass on a good feeling? So, get your body out of every baggy excuse for clothes and get dressed in pretty dresses that fit. It does a whole lot for your self-esteem.
Have lazy days. 

If we insist on a lifestyle of working round the clock, we will never get to actually rest. So, we’ve got to deliberately choose our lazy days when we will get off work and get help to man the home front while we take off to enjoy some leisure for a few days. Find a cool, pocket-friendly place to have quality ‘me’ time without your children or perhaps, opt for some fresh air and food in the village. While you enjoy your mini-vacay, engage in deep breathing and plenty of meditation. Early morning walks too are perfect.

Hit the salon for some pedicure, manicure and girl gist. 

We may be hands-on mums with kids but still, somewhere on the inside, we remain ladies who love to get their nails done. So, choose a time when you and some girlfriends can hit the salon for some pedicure, manicure and girl gist.

Go get a massage. 

The relaxative power of massage is undisputed. So, paying for a professional massage at a spa is money worth splashing. True, to the mind, a full body massage will all be over in a matter of say, 60 minutes, but to the body, the effect lasts way longer in the days to come. So, without further ado, get yourself to that spa and enjoy!
Get sexy. 

Umhm, we may not be the average hot 18-year-old teen but come on, we can still be sexy and yes, it’s not about the clothes this time, it’s about what’s under. The underwear! Get yourself some really sexy bras and panties and try them on. You’ll look and feel sexy, you’ll know it, and HE will too.

Order dinner sometimes. 

It’s great to be this hands-on mum that puts long hours into preparing these wonderful homemade meals. But trust me, by now, the message has been passed across to your hubby and kids – mum can cook! Order dinner sometimes. The hours you would have spent cooking can then be spent indulging yourself in some other fun activity that will keep a bit of stress off you.

Open a book and read. 

As mums, we hardly ever take out time to engage our minds. One way we can easily do this is through reading. Depending on the type of book, reading has a way of taking you out of the stress of your immediate environment and bringing you into a fun, exciting world that was created to be enjoyed, and nothing more!

Make sex and your romantic life a priority too

With the busy schedules, women keep these days, whether working full-time, staying home with children or going to school, women are often exhausted at the end of the day. Because of this, sex sometimes takes a backseat to everything else in life, especially for women. However, whether you are too busy to meet someone, too frazzled to work on your relationship, or just plain too exhausted for sex, it’s important to make sex and your romantic life a priority too.

Get enough sleep

Women, because of their busy schedules and multiple roles, often find themselves getting less sleep than they need, or are unable to get a good night’s sleep due to stress.

Stress and Women's Health: Reduce Stress and Stay Healthy
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