Ways you can get your skin looking fresh and glowing with life

A black woman with a fresh and glowing skin
The fact that you’re torn between handling your motherly duties, wife commitments, business/career demands, and your multitasking superpowers are in full demand is exactly the same reason you can and should look your best every other day.

Here are some helpful and healthy tips on how to get your skin looking fresh and glowing with life.

To Clean or To Cleanse

Cleansing here is different from keeping it “clean” of any substance. There are fatty oils that protect the skin from infections and keep it moisturized. However, dirt and bacteria settle on your skin throughout the day and if you leave these as they are, you’re sure to get some skin infection or have a pimple or acne breakout. To prevent such a disaster, cleanse your face twice a day with a cleanser or soap. If you don’t have oily skin, stay away from soap as much as you can. Soap could “clean” all your good oil leaving your skin looking dry and generally open for infection.

Watch The Sun

Or should I say “watch out for the sun”? It’s Ultra Violet Rays sink deep down into your skin and destroys the collagen structure. Collagen, by the way, is a protein that keeps the skin firm and moisturized. The absence of collagen equals saggy, sad skin so use some sun screening cream when you’re going out. Also, try to use sunshades because the skin around your eyes is more delicate and hence quickly succumbs to the sun’s rays.

Sunshades both keeps the sun’s UV rays from hitting the skin and keeps you from squinting. Squinting frequently wrinkles the skin around the eye. Though remember that the sun is a good source of vitamin D which also protects the skin.

Eat Healthily

And make sure you include colorful fruits with Vitamin C in them, fruits like tomatoes, oranges, red pepper, and pumpkin. Vitamin C combines with amino acids and for the collagen protein that keeps the skin firm and bright.

Green tea and green veggies like lettuce and broccoli produce antioxidants that fight free radicals or dead skin cells. These dead skin cells are like zombies that destroy collagen thereby killing good cells turning them to even more “zombie” free radicals.

Nuts and soy supply the body with phytoestrogen, a nutrient that helps in the production of collagen and so keeps your skin looking young and fresh.

Low Sugary Stuff

Keep the sugary meals and snacks to the barest minimum because they start a process called glycation where they deform nutrients like lipids and proteins. Without these, your skin will age fast, become saggy and wrinkly. Drink organic juice and smoothies instead of processed juice and soft drinks.

No Smoking Allowed Here

That’s if you really want your skin looking good, though. Smoking restricts the blood verses thereby reducing the supply of healthy nutrients to the skin. As if that’s not enough, it also destroys collagen through a process called matrix metalloproteinase. The summary is that it makes your skin dry and saggy.

Keep Your Hands Off

Some people can’t just stop touching and feeling their skin looking for pimples or blackheads to destroy. Newsflash for you: your fingers have a host of bacteria and dirt that you transfer to your face every time you get touchy-feely with your skin. Yeah, it will pay to always wash your hands but so will it pay to keep your hands off your face.

Take Out The Dead

I mean the dead skin cells. You can do this by using the chemical method where you rub cream on and leave for sometime before washing off. This method dissolves the dead skin while the physical method involves you scrubbing it off. Getting rid of dead skin is a process called exfoliation. Note that excessive exfoliation will irritate the skin.


Exercising causes you to sweat and sweating is a way of getting anti-aging toxins out of the skin so work those toxins and your beautiful self out.

Get Some Good Night Sleep

Experts inform us that when you’re asleep, your skin can relax and carry out necessary repairs of damages done. If you don’t get your daily dose of sleep, we might be able to tell by the dark rings around your eyes and the saggy skin.

So there you have it. These are the different convenient ways you could keep your skin looking fresh and young while you answer your honorable call to family and work. Go on and slay them, you super Mom.

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