What 30 minutes of meditation daily can do to your life

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What is meditation? Meditation does have many definitions but the most popular one is focussing on your breath and being in the moment.

Meditation is not thinking about anything. Thinking is an involuntary activity, kinda like a heartbeat…you can’t stop your heartbeat by focussing on it, same as your thought processes.

Meditation is not a religious activity, you can meditate and still do your thing. Meditation is not a prayer. Yes, some other culture tie yoga (a type of meditation) with their own religious activities but the modern version of meditation has nothing to do with deities. Just about the breath and peace of mind.

Personally, I loooove meditation because it helps me to manage stress, it makes me calm, even happier and most importantly, it helps me sleep so well which then subsequently leads to me having a great day.

Here are amazing benefits of meditation based on the latest scientific health research

Encourages a healthy lifestyle – There is a change of character, mood, and nutrition as you practice yoga and meditate.

Healthy Immune system – Meditation practice benefit cardiovascular, cure somebody organs in a natural way.

A deep sense of peacefulness – Through the exercise of contemplation, you have entire body ease with deep peace as your mind relax, relives the brain never, the nerve tendons in the body transmits a deep sense of peace in the body.

Increases acceptance – Meditation helps you to accept yourself and explore the inner self. It changes how you feel in a positive way.

Happiness – Ronnie Newman who is the director of health and promotion in the promotion of Art of living foundation from 217 human research, studies have shown that brain signals improve with a study scale on the left side of the prefrontal cortex, which is responsible on positive emotions. Activities decrease on the right side, which is responsible for negative emotions and improvement of overall well-being.

Meditation increases self -awareness – Contemplation teaches you to recognize the inner self and become calm when you dive into meditation you realize comfort in how you are.

Provide self -control – The exercise regulates your emotions with an ability to introspect.

Boost social life – Makes you feel less lonely by becoming compassionate with an increase in social connection.

Meditation keeps you real – You become authentic and even humble and become more compassionate toward others.

Overcome life addictions – Help those people with an addiction to focus on positive self-awareness. Do you know someone who has struggled with addiction and about to go on rehab? The fascinating study found that meditation can effectively help people overcome addiction.

Ability to make decisions – It helps in mindfulness and transcendental meditation by cultivating your inner executive self.

Better than morphine – Amazing benefit in reducing physical and emotional pain, a very incredible scientific finding.

Improve work efficiency – The research has proved the reduction of stress level and an increase in quality decision making through reasoning which in turn leads to higher efficiency at work in big and small organizations.

Raise in school performance – Students who tend to mediate achieve interest in academics, from all school levels. The students have a clear mind to think and hyperactive brain.

Creativity – Through contemplation, you become good in problem-solving to higher brain integration which in turn sets the mental alertness based on fresh original thoughts and in creative problem-solving skills.

Increase intelligence quotient – A Scientific study has shown that through meditation the mind improves the practitioner’s cognitive and intellectual abilities. The different test has demonstrated that you become smarter.

A higher level of consciousness – As an ordinary human on regular meditation practice, there is access to four more defined levels of a human being. 

Good sleep – Your level of stress will shift to better sleep. How about you start mediation regularly twice a day, it is a natural home remedy for insomnia.

Life expectancy – Do you want to increases your life for 30 years? Well, devotional exercise will help you live longer. On regular meditation, scientists found those who go practice meditation live 48% longer when body organs get relaxed. 

Glowing skin – You might stop using the body cream if you practice yoga. Meditation keeps your hormonal levels well balance and lowering stress that leads to beautiful skin and radiance glowing skin.

The most basic way to meditate is to sit comfortably, close your eyes, take deep and slow breaths while trying to think about the breath. Your mind will drift away, and you will start thinking about that fine lass you saw in the morning. It’s okay, you simply start again, that is the game. You also have to be okay with the fact that your mind will drift, do not feel disappointed. Just breath.

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