Why you need to start keeping a food diary


A food diary is an absolute must for people who have decided to radically change your diet or as a whole to improve their lives and their health.

Here are a few reasons that will prompt you to start keeping a food diary

You will learn to control calories

Where an entry somewhere everything you eat during the day you will realize that even if you take a minimal amount of food, it may be high-calorie and because of this weight gain. Did you know that one tablespoon of olive oil contains 110 calories, while the Greek asks that say eat with your dinner was 5 tablespoons fat.?When the day finally see the cumulative number of calories will surely be intimidated and will start more often to think before you eat.

You understand the origin and nature of the calories

It is not only important to limit the number of calories you eat, and indeed to know from what source they come from and whether they are good for the body or not. There are those that are broken down quickly and easily by giving energy to the body and we necessarily need them, especially when we are physically active and such, but degrade more difficult burden on the body and often remain as accumulated fat in our body.

You will manage to control your portions

Learning about quality, damages, and benefits of certain foods, you will surely be reaching for those who are not as calorie and you snacking bigger portions and do not eat while to lose weight.

Will reduce situations of an uncontrollable appetite

When you record your diet, you can easily see in what situations happen to collapse in your body and you want to eat anything that gets in front of your eyes. Sometimes starvation or incorrectly combining foods leads to this effect. Another time a similar situation may arise from stress – it is important to understand where this problem leads to beginnings and try to change something in his regime.

You will see whether you are taking more than necessary or you have a calorie deficit

Both options are not good for your body. You must strive for the perfect environment to back up the body so that it needs to function properly.

In consultation with a specialist, a journal would be extremely useful

A food diary is mandatory according to experts. With his help, they were able to analyze the eating habits of their patients and help with suggestions for changes. Already there are programs that you can install on your computer or phone and are always with you – all that is required of you is to have permanent and serious in completing the diary.


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