Yoni(Vagina) Sunbathing: Benefits and Steps Involved

Sometimes you need to give your yoni(vagina) a breath of fresh air.

Yoni or vagina sunbathing is the process of inviting the most vibrant, cosmic energy into your sacred tunnel. That warm, life-giving energy Is about airing out your dark and moist feminine nature to the highest of masculine vibrations and letting it breathe(the Sun represents masculine energy). Always being tucked away under clothes and underwear, This ancient spiritual practice is like a yoni spring awakening, a blossoming of your feminine flowers.


The benefits of Yoni Sun Bathing is the ability to let your Yoni air itself out, getting the radiance of nature's vitamins and nutrients while doing so. The sun is antifungal in nature, as it helps evaporate moisture, which can cause bad bacteria.

The sunlight also helps with the toning of the muscles.

It brings harmony and balance to our body, as the sun represents masculine energy and of course our yoni’s are of feminine nature.

Step 1

Find a private location outside where you can be comfortable and discrete. If it’s too cold, find a window where the sun is coming through.

Step 2

Preferably you should wear a loose dress or skirt for an easier and more convenient process, but you can wear what you want.

Step 3

Take off your bottoms if you are wearing them, otherwise, just lift up your skirt or dress over your butt. Remove your underwear.

Step 4

Find a comfortable position Laying down on your back, with your knees up, legs open wide in the birthing position. Make sure to plant your feet on the ground.

*If you don’t want to lay all the way down, you can position yourself where your elbows are holding you up.*

Again make sure your yoni is facing the sun. The more sun the better.

Exercise 1

Place your hands on your stomach/womb, under your navel with your fingers and thumbs creating a triangle.

Once you are comfy, inhale a deep 5-second breath, coming from your yoni, passing through your womb. Inviting in love and light. As you exhale, release any negative thoughts, tension, memories, and toxins and let them melt away.

Exercise 2(Deeper Yoni intimacy)

Place one hand over your heart and the other hand on your Mons Pubis(bony/fleshy area above your yoni). Knowing your comfort level, use your fingers to massage your Mons Pubis as the sun rays continue to give it energy. Take slow and steady breaths, inhaling in and exhaling out. Listen to your yoni, as it's up to you as to how far down you go with your fingers.

As you get more comfortable with Yoni Sunning, you can come up with your own practices and exercises.

Happy Yoni Sunning!!! 

Geoffrey Nevine — IT Services and IT Consulting

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