Your face REVEAL a lot about your health. See how!

A woman's face
Believe it or not, your health is written all over your face!

Acne, puffy eyes, flaky skin—like it or not, your health is written all over your face. While many times it is okay to ignore some of these common everyday health issues, if you're dealing with these problems for a really long time, we'd say it's time to check in on your health.

Here are a few health warnings that might crop up on your face. Attend to them now before it's too late.


DID YOU KNOW that acne could indicate a thyroid disorder?

While acne is okay during puberty if you suddenly seem to get a lot of breakouts, especially on your chin, jawline, and hairline, with no reason at all it could indicate that your hormones are out of whack, an allergy to some food, digestive issues or a liver disorder.

So instead of applying acne creams and gels, go to a dermatologist and find out what the reason is.

Cracks at the corners of the mouth

This is a clear sign of a deficiency in B vitamins, which can be easily fixed by making a few diet modifications such as adding whole grains, green vegetables and meat to your meals along with a Vitamin B12 supplement.

Check with your doctor about the types of foods that you should be including in your diet.

Puffy/Tired eyes

DID YOU KNOW that tired, puffy eyes could also, be a sign of a sleep disorder?

The most telling signs of some common issues show up in your eyes. Tired looking eyes could indicate a chronic allergy.

Puffy eyes could indicate a sleep disorder if you have not been keeping up too late or a thyroid condition. Bloodshot eyes could indicate a rise in your cholesterol levels.

Dry face-skin 

Hypothyroidism and diabetes could be behind your dry skin as these conditions steal the moisture from your skin. Parched, brittle skin could also indicate dehydration so up your water intake.

Certain nutrient deficiencies could also be the reason for your flaky and patchy skin.

Discolored complexion

DID YOU KNOW that pale skin might be due to an iron deficiency?

Pale skin along with dark circles and symptoms such as extreme fatigue is a sure shot indication of an iron deficiency. Usually, it gets fixed by overhauling your diet and including the right food groups. A yellow skin tone could also indicate a liver disorder.

Get your hemoglobin levels checked and consult with a doctor to find out what you can do about it.

Excessive facial hair

Believe it or not, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOD) often shows up as unwanted hair on your face such as along the jawline, chin, and upper lip.

If you've noticed that your facial hair has increased recently, check with your gynecologist to be sure.

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