6 Gym Rules You Must Adhere for Effective Weight Loss

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If your weight training exercise hasn't been working out for you despite your diligent struggle to shed and tone up more, it's a clear sign you need to get back to the drawing board and review your exercise program as a whole. What you need to do is to give your exercise a new face-lift either by changing your original routine completely or by checking the following:-

1. Maintain a good posture while lifting:

Ideal proper form is the most key ingredient to remember for any effective training. If your form isn't solid, you are more prone to injuries and uneven muscular toning. So forget about the repetitions and the number of sets you are supposed to do because they don't count much if all are done wrongly.

If you end up feeling slight to a very sharp and sore pain around the specific area like your joints, lower back, rotator cuff, hip, knees, neck, elbow, and wrist, it simply means your execution form was somehow distorted. Ask the trainer on the floor for guidance.

2. While lifting alone you can also try the following:

Stand with your feet slightly bent, shoulder-width apart facing the mirror, chin up always at a face level and not bending or looking sideways. Make sure you fully engage your abdomen as you tuck your hip for this will keep your spine in alignment and keep your core area safe from undue stress. This is very much ideal for any lifting is done standing.

You can also use the same technique while lifting from a seated position but just make sure your body is aligned to your seat maintaining a proper posture and not putting pressure on one side. You'll end up straining yourself more in the process. As you get used to all these, your body will naturally find its way to conform.

3. Check you are breathing correctly:

Unconsciously, most people tend to hold their breath while lifting. Holding your breath is a bad sign since this will place a dangerous amount of pressure on your heart. That is why most people tend to sweat more on the face and eyes gorged out especially if the weights are more than what they are used to.

4. The best technique for breathing correctly while lifting is:

Take a long deep breathe through the nose (inhale) as you lift or execute your action. Then, breathe out (exhale) quickly through the mouth as you return back the weight where you started. This sequence becomes rhythmic over time and the exercise becomes much easier.

5. Go for the weights you can manage:

Why should you lift heavier weights the wrong way than doing light sensible weight the best way? You see, when you lift heavy weights, you tend to swing and use momentum a lot. This is called a cheating strategy which is a bit sloppy for you to get the results that you want.

Even if you consider it as a challenge or to push your body to its limit, chances of injuries are very high. That is the reason why some people experience some slight soreness in the muscle that may last beyond 48 hours. Always lift what you can manage because your safety is the key. Go for sensible weights but increase the number of sets and repetitions as this will eventually create the definition and tone you want.

6. Keep your water bottle close:

It is highly recommended to hydrate now and then especially during and after a workout. This is because your body tends to lose a lot of water during increased exertion through sweating. Drink at least a glass of water before, during and after your workout. It will also prevent dehydration which might lead to low energy and undue stress on your kidneys. $ads={2}
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