Belly Button Oiling: What to Know

Belly Button Oiling

The Navel (Belly Button) can be divided into eight directions, three towards the upper organ, three towards below organs & two towards the Kidneys & Intestines. From the navel, one can determine the imbalance in the body. Any pull or push of the navel distorts the body's center, both superficially & deep involves more than one organ. When the Navel is off center, thus creating emotional imbalance like fear, anger, anxiety, depression & worry. Under this conditions, the Male & Female within also be an imbalance, creating separation rather than unity.

The Navel should be round, centered look like a funnel. It should be firm & springy, not too hard & tight or too soft & weak. It should not be flat.

The Naval center needs to be clear of emotional & environmental toxins so this center can unify your body, mind & spirit. The universal energy enters the naval through the umbilical cord & here is where all our past karmic history.

Human from both sexes develops energy blockage in their internal organs that result in their navel energy being blocked thus resulting in knots & tangles in their abdomen. These obstructions occur in the main part of the body’s vital function and constrict the flow of energy. This damage is mainly caused by fear, anger, anxiety, depression & worry.

Our belly button is an amazing gift given to us by our creator. According to science, the first part created after conception takes place is the belly button. After it's created, it joins to the mother's placenta through the umbilical cord. After a person has passed away, the belly button is still warm for 3 hrs... The reason is that when a woman conceives a child, her belly button supplies nourishment to the child through the child's belly button and a fully grown child is formed in 270 days = 9 months. This is the reason all our veins are connected to our belly button which makes it the focal point of our body. The PECHOTI is situated behind the belly button which has 72,000 plus veins over it. The total amount of blood vessels we have in our body are equal to twice the circumference of the earth. Applying oil to belly button cures dryness of eyes, poor eyesight, pancreas over & under-working, cracked lips & heels, Keeps face glowing, Shiny hair, Knee pain, Shivering, lethargy, joint pain, dry skin.

Your belly button can detect which veins have dried up and pass this oil to it hence open them up.

Loving & showing affection to the navel is showering positive cosmic energy to it.

  • Dryness of Eyes, Poor Eyesight, Nail Fungus, Glowing Skin, and Shiny Hair: At night before bedtime, put 3 drops of pure ghee or coconut oil in your belly button & spread it 1 & half inches around your belly button.

  • Knee pain: At night before bedtime, put 3 drops of Castor Oil in your belly button & spread it 1 & half inches around your belly button.

  • For shivering & lethargy, Joint Pain, Dry Skin: At night before bedtime, put 3 drops of mustard oil in your belly button & spread it 1 & half inches around your belly button,

  • Digestive System, trouble in Excretion: Take few drops of Mustard Oil & massage it externally around belly button in a circular motion. It helps in the stimulation of the gastric juices & the bile juice from spleen & liver. The intestines also get stimulated, activating the excretory system & thereby helping in digestion & clearing of your body from the toxins.

  • Cracked Lips, Dark Lips: Apply mustard oil on your belly button every day before sleeping.

  • Painful Gas, Bloating, Digestive Troubles: Mint Oil.

  • Acne & Pimples: Neem Oil.

  • Cracked Lips: Mustard Oil.

  • Glowing Skin: Almond Oil.

  • Soft Skin: Pure Cow Ghee.

  • Patches on Face: Lemon Oil.

  • Dysmenorrheal: Soaked Cotton in Brandi & Put it in the navel.

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