Child’s Language Development Process: Tips to help your toddler in this process

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Learning the language and mastering it is an amazing journey for every kid and her parents as well. Many parents actually look forward to the language development of their children. Read more to learn how to help your toddler and preschooler in language development process.

Many of the inexperienced parents worry about speech and language development of their children. However, the secret of helping toddlers in mastering language is to talk to them and listen to them. But it is easier said than done and is not an overnight journey.

You should not forget that learning a language is a lifelong process and you are only helping your child to start this journey as efficiently as possible. The first 12 months of a child is more about listening than talking. Gradually, the proportion gets interchanged and by the age of 5, a child starts speaking.

How to Encourage Child’s Language Development?

Experts and experienced parents are of the opinion that the best way to help your child learn, understand and use language to communicate is to talk to your baby. The basic communication skills get developed with language and this is crucial for preparing your child for school. This should form during early months and years of childhood.


There is no set time when you can start talking to your child. You can treat her as a talker immediately after she starts viewing things around. You can start talking to her when she responds with her babbles and sounds. If you finish talking and wait for your baby’s response, you will find that she babbles back to you.


As your child starts making sounds and uses gestures, you should respond to her efforts to communicate.

Talk About Present Time

Even if your child is not able to understand everything, talk about things that make sense and continue talking to her. Tell her what you are doing and also about what she is doing so that she understands gradually.

Read Out

Try to share stories, images and other things described in books. Use different types of books and keep things fresh by asking your child about things in the book.

Introduce New Things

It is very important to keep introducing new things every day. Just make sure you do not overdo or start expecting a lot from your child overnight.

Language Development during Different Stages

Following are the suggestions that will help you encourage language development in infants, toddlers, and preschoolers


When it comes to infants you can recite poems that include words like ‘so big’, ‘so small’ etc. Point out different body parts like eyes, tongue, nose, ears, head, knees, shoulders and so on. Rhymes with repetitive words will help your child learn and understand them. Point out family members using snapshots. Books are of great help at this point in time also.


Again books with pictures of common objects and everyday items will help in the development. Outings, even on a walk, can help strengthen the developmental process.


Readout books that are age-appropriate and tell them stories. Listen to their stories also. Talk about events and characters in the book. Let the child ask as many questions as she wants and make sure you answer them properly and calmly as well.

With the help of language, a child is able to understand and convey feelings. It helps to communicate and express feelings in the best possible way. Not only this, language development supports thinking and problem-solving as well as improving and maintaining relationships. The child needs to learn, understand and enjoy language which is the base of reading and writing. $ads={2}
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