Follow these tips to stay motivated to exercise

Follow these tips to stay motivated to exercise

Warming up prepares the body for physical activity. The process involves physical activities that gradually heat the muscles and elevate the heart rate. A brisk walk, slow jog, jogging or hopping in place, rope jumping, and selected calisthenics will raise the heart rate and increase muscle temperature. A person should break out in a sweat during the warm-up. This indicates that heart rate and body temperature have increased to some extent and the person is ready for more vigorous activity.

The warm-up should last 5 to 10 minutes.

Follow these tips to stay motivated to exercise

Exercise with a friend. 

Make sure both of you have compatible goals and are similar in fitness level. Friends can help each other sustain a program, particularly during busy times when the temptation is high to push exercise out of an already crowded schedule. 

Exercise with a group. 

Exchange ideas and literature about exercise with group members. 

Elicit the support of friends and family. 

Their support is a powerful source of reinforcement. 

Associate with other exercises. 

They represent an enthusiastic, positive, and informative group-and their values are contagious. 

Join an exercise class or a fitness club. 

This gives you a place to go and meet people who want to exercise. 

Keep a progress chart. 

This will give you an objective account of your improvement. 

Exercise to music. 

Music makes the effort appear easier. 

Set a definite time and place to exercise. 

This is particularly important during the early days of the program. Schedule exercise as you would any other activity of importance and then commit to the schedule. 

Participate in a variety of activity. 

Cross-training is excellent for the person who exercises for health or recreation. 

Do not become obsessive about exercise. 

Skipping exercise is not a good practice normally, but skipping is appropriate at times. Do not exercise when you are sick or overtired. Do not feel guilty about missing exercise for a day or two. Resume exercise as soon as you can.

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