How to Give Mouth-to-Mouth Breaths on a Child Under Age 8


Mouth-to-Mouth-and-Nose Resuscitation on a Child Under Age 8 or on an Infant

⏩Place the child on a hard, flat surface.

⏩Look into the mouth and throat to ensure that the airway is clear. If an object is present, try to sweep it out with your fingers. If unsuccessful and the object is blocking the airway, apply the Heimlich maneuver. If vomiting occurs, turn the child onto his or her side and sweep out the mouth with two fingers.

⏩Tilt the head back slightly to open the airway.

⏩Place your mouth tightly over the nose and mouth. Blow two quick, shallow breaths (smaller breaths than you would give to an adult). Watch for the chest to rise.

⏩Remove your mouth. Look for the chest to fall as the child exhales.

⏩Listen for the sounds of breathing. Feel for the child’'s breath on your cheek. If breathing does not start on its own, repeat the procedure.

NOTE: It's highly recommended that every parent goes on a first aid course, as it makes this process much easier to understand and remember.
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