5 things that can mess up your birth plan and how to prevent them

Women in the delivery room

Sure, having a baby is something that is typically referred to as a beautiful experience. And, yes--generally speaking--it really is a beautiful, significant, life-changing moment for mothers. But that doesn't mean that the entire experience goes without a few blemishes.

Mums everywhere diligently organize and structure a well-thought-out birth plan over the course of their pregnancy. And while a lot of time and effort went into this carefully constructed birth plan, there's no guarantee that things will go as swimmingly as you imagine. In fact, in regards to abiding by a birth plan, it's probably better to remain cautiously optimistic.

A number of things can throw your plan off track...today we'll be looking at 5 of those things! 

1. Your partner isn't on the same page as you.

Admittedly, it's impossible for your partner to experience childbirth in the same way that you will. However, that doesn't mean that they can afford to be off their "A" game. They have to be as in tune as you are. They should have an emotional response to your physical endeavor. With each contraction, they should be right there with you. Sure, it's nice to see that they're excited to share the childbirth experience on Facebook or some social media outlet, but if your partner is more into with social media than your birth, your whole plan could be jeopardized.

2. No pain meds

Many women opt to take advantage of modern medicine while giving birth. Some frown upon it, but the fact of the matter is that childbirth is one of the most physically draining, painful, and agonizing thing you may ever experience.

Of course, it's all worth it in the end, but the knowledge that such pain is sure to ensue once in the delivery room leaves many mums dwelling over the choice of using pain meds, or not using pain meds.

Some mums go into the delivery room thinking they're ready to conquer the beautiful task at hand sans pain pills. And that's perfectly fine! Lots of women opt out of using pain meds.

However, it's important that you've put some thought into this decision because once it's too late...it's too late and there's no looking back. Take the time to ponder this choice, because if you get caught off guard by the excruciating pain, your whole plan could be ruined!

3. "When the time comes, I'll know what to do"

When the time comes, will you know what to do? In other words, have you studied up on labor, or are you hoping to just sort of...wing it? If this is your first pregnancy, the fact of the matter is that despite how much you've read and learned, you'll be pretty clueless.

Just remember that the knowledge you've acquired is still valuable, but you shouldn't go into labor with your head held high, thinking you completely understand everything about childbirth. Expect the unexpected, mums. Otherwise, your birth plan could be in shatters.

4. Forget about the comfort items

A lot of mum's pre-pack pregnancy bags in the days leading to their due date. It's a bit of a precautionary measure that'll help to ensure max comfort for your "fun, little vacation" at your nearest hospital. Sure, it's a good strategy and you should definitely consider packing some comfort items to make you feel more at ease during your stay in the hospital.

However, you shouldn't get too caught up in packing these items, because once delivery begins...you really won't care about any of those things. Don't obsess or stress over packing up your comfort items because there's really o point in the long run.

5. Pitocin or no Pitocin

Pitocin, a medicated form of the hormone oxytocin, is commonly used by mothers to induce labor. However, like pain medication, there's a time restraint. If you miss your window, you better focus on the task at hand because you can't do anything about it now. It's important to do your research on Pitocin, and consider it into your birth plan. 

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