Download New TSC TPAD 2 Teachers Performance Appraisal PDF Form

Download New TSC TPAD 2 Teachers Performance Appraisal PDF Form

The Teachers Service Commission, TSC, has released a new form for Teachers’ performance Appraisal (TPAD). This form will be used to capture data that will be entered onto the new TPAD 2 that will be used with effect from January 2020 onward.  The purpose of the Staff Performance An appraisal is to assess an officer’s performance in the job comprehensively and objectively, with the help of full knowledge and understanding of the job descriptions and requirements.

The information in the Appraisal Report will be used in assessing training needs and determining the officer’s potential for promotion. It is, therefore, important to provide accurate information about the officer.

The staff appraisal should reflect work output, achievement as well as display competencies over the review period. The report covers all the TSC Secretariat staff, except the Commissioners and the Commission Secretary.


·         Appraisee: This is the officer being assessed.

·         Appraiser: This is the appraisee’s immediate supervisor.

·         Countersigning Officer: This is the head of Unit/Section/Division/Department


The appraisee is supplied with a copy of the appraisal form and divisional/sectional performance targets at the beginning of the review period. The appraisee is expected to draw an individual work plan which will form the basis of this performance report.

The form shall be completed in duplicate. The appraisal will be done quarterly and at the end of the fourth quarter, the original report will be forwarded to DSHRM by 31st July of every year. The duplicate will be retained by the appraisee.

DOWNLOAD: Performance Appraisal Form.pdf - Teachers Service Commission


This part should be fully completed by the appraisee to provide personal details and employment record.


In this part, the opportunity is provided to the appraisee and appraiser to jointly discuss the appraisee’s performance in terms of departmental/divisional objectives, agreed work targets, performance standards, output and expected results. It also assesses the skills and competencies exhibited.

This part is divided into 5 sections:

·         Parts 2A -2D; will provide an evaluation on appraisees performance for each of the four quarters. This will account for 80% of the overall rating.

·         Part 2E: In this part, the appraisee is rated on behavioral attributes which reflect the Commission’s Core values. This will account for 20% of the overall rating.

·         PART 3 OVERALL RATING; The Quarterly scores in Parts 2A to 2D and scores on the behavioral attributes in Part 2E will be summarized in this section. The cumulative scores will then be converted into an overall percentage score. It should be noted that in this part, the appraiser’s rating shall constitute the actual grade of the appraisee.

·         PART 4 TRAINING NEEDS AND DEVELOPMENT; In this part, the appraisee is given the opportunity to state-specific performance gaps that if addressed will improve the appraisee’s output and competencies. The appraiser will discuss the appraisee’s performance gaps and then propose what he/she thinks, as a supervisor, are the training interventions required.

The countersigning officer is the overall supervisor of both the appraisee and appraiser. He/she is required to validate the report.

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