Have you decided to move beyond hugs and kisses, the first and the second base? Is sex on your mind all the time now with the person you are head over heels in love with? You are ready to feel one in the closest way possible? If your answer is a big confident ‘yes’ then you are set to take the plunge finally. Remember having sex for the first time has huge implications both on the mind and the body. Sex changes you, both emotionally and physically. Psychologically you may feel either a sense of elation or even a subtle loss or you may not feel any major difference in emotions. But your body will definitely change in many small ways after you lose your virginity.

Losing your virginity for women is normally something they always remember. Most of us have a certain idea of how our first time should be. Whether it happens as planned or not, it will still be etched in your memory forever.

Losing your virginity can be a nerve-wracking experience. Until you’ve actually had a session between the sheets, the world of sex can seem both alluring and intimidating. If you’re gearing up to have your first roll in the hay, here is everything you should know before you take the plunge.

Things That Happen to Your Body After You Lose Your Virginity

When it comes to losing your virginity, there are a number of unsung myths that need breaking into.

People have a lot of misconceptions when it comes to discussing what happens to your body when you lose virginity. To be fair, it is not that big of a deal as many make it out to be.

Virginity is a very fickle state that many people treat with grave importance while some like to take it lightly. There is nothing wrong with either. Some have their own values and beliefs and like to wait for “THE ONE”, while some believe in living in the moment and give up their virginity when they deem it right for them.

Here, we are going to be discussing some of the changes in the female body after losing virginity.

For the most part, when we are discussing the body transformation after losing virginity, it is likely women who experience the changes especially.

Men do experience emotional changes in their mind but it is women who experience physical changes too.

Some of the most common changes after losing virginity include:


When it comes to the changes that a body experiences after losing virginity, it is the vagina that undergoes a lot of changes. But, with that, there are also a number of myths that people carry around with them.

First, know for a fact that it is a myth when people say that your vagina becomes “loose” once you lose your virginity. That is not how a woman’s body is made and functioned. Penetration doesn’t impact the elasticity of the vagina.

There are a number of things that one needs to look into when it comes to losing your virginity, especially when it comes to the lubrication of the vagina. If there is not enough foreplay and there is a lack of lubrication, chances are that you will feel pain after losing virginity.

It is quite a common happenstance. It all comes down to how your partner makes you feel. If you are losing your virginity, make sure that your partner knows that, so they can treat you right.


When it comes down to the symptoms after losing virginity, your uterus and clitoris do experience a lot of changes that many of us are not even aware of.

It is suggested that following having sex for the first time, your clitoris and uterus know when to contract and expand, which is not something that you can experience otherwise.

The changes in the uterus and clitoris are temporary and don’t happen all the time. It is likely that they will undergo transformations and then get back to normal once you get used to having sex.


When you lose your virginity, it is not just your reproductive organs and hormones that are on an overdrive, it also impacts the nervous system as well, subjecting it to an overdrive unlike anything else, also impacting the overall nerves associated with the breast tissue as well.

But, this is something that you are likely going to experience for the time being and not something for an extended time period.

You will notice your breasts to seem larger and that is because of the dilated blood vessels and the attached tissues. The impacts of the stay for some time and then regain the normal shape and size.

The size also depends on the intensity of the arousal that you are experiencing. The breasts also become a lot firmer in comparison, all because of the tissues of the breast that swell up in the process.

When it comes to the nipples, they do become a lot more sensitive after you lose your virginity. It is not exactly known why the same happens; it is believed that the hormonal changes are what is believed to the cause.


When it comes to losing your virginity, the most changes that one experiences is with their hormone levels. Having sex has been tied with the release of the hormone, oxytocin which has positive impacts in helping promote better feelings. It is a feel-good hormone.

Not just that, during sex, the brain also triggers the release of endorphins which are related to the feelings of happiness and pleasure as well.

The rampant release of these hormones often tends to stay on the high even after you lose your virginity. The main reason being that you are likely going to feel happy and satisfied if your first time with your partner has been everything that you have imagined.

These feelings also tend to keep the levels of cortisol and stress in check, further helping your love and happy hormones on the rise in the body.


Now, don’t necessarily get this wrong. Losing your virginity doesn’t mean that you are pregnant but there are risks if you have practiced unprotected sex.

For the most part, the cycles of periods after losing virginity do tend to keep on varying around, mainly because of the constant changes in the hormonal levels in the body.

This doesn’t necessarily have to be a pregnancy alarm, although, it is best that you still get tested. But, oftentimes the same gets delayed because of the changes in the body, especially that of the hormonal changes.


Another common answer to what happens to your body when you lose virginity is the fact that it brings forth changes to the pelvic region. The main reason why there are changes around the pelvic region is because of the increased blood flow to the area.

If you stay sexually active even after you have lost your virginity, it is likely that the blood flow to the pelvic area which remains constant, thus promoting better health and better functioning of the organs around the region too.

Additionally, this also ensures that your sexual experiences following that are a lot more pleasurable and comfortable instead of being painful.


As we mentioned before, losing virginity is a matter of importance for some while some tend to take it very lightly. Whatever the case, it is likely that you will experience a changes in emotional turmoil after you have lost your virginity.

It is likely going to be happy and satisfied if it is with someone you know and are comfortable with. If losing your virginity happens under undesirable conditions, the same does end up taking a toll on your health.

Aside from the feelings, the constant hormonal changes in the body are also responsible for this condition and the sudden change in the emotional state of your mind.


Body pain after losing virginity is often touted as a myth but this is a condition that many women do experience, especially if the intercourse has been painful.

If you are indulging in having sex for the first time with your partner, make sure that you make them understand that this is your first time and that they should take care of you accordingly.

It is important that penetrative sex should only happen when your vagina is optimally lubricated to ensure that the same doesn’t cause excessive friction and pain.

But, even with that, there are chances that you will feel excessive pain in the genitals because of the intrusion for the first time. Since the experience itself is a very foreign one, chances are that it takes some time for the body to adjust to the changes accordingly.

Things to Know Before Losing Your Virginity

Losing your virginity takes a moment but the reminder of the same remains with you forever. If you want your first time to be comfortable and memorable at the same time, it is important that you keep certain aspects in mind without any fail at all.

When you are “doing the do” for the first time, knowing these little details about the same can further help you out in having a pleasurable experience that you wouldn’t end up regretting the next morning.


When it comes to losing your virginity, more than facts there are folklores, half of which are not even true. If you are indulging in the act, make sure that you demystify these myths first. Knowing the facts ensures to help you get better results from the experience.

The last thing you want to listen to is that you will bleed out when you have sex for the first time. This is not a given and might vary from person to person. This is definitely something that you need to know about without any fail.


If you are thinking of losing your virginity, the one thing that you want to do before anything is to ensure that you see your gynecologist. It is important for you to know about the process and know everything there is to know about the act itself.

The last that you want is to either end up being pregnant or experience a bad first time that leaves you being scared from indulging in sex ever again.

This is the reason why it is best that you do discuss everything with your doctor and get a better outlook on things. It is possible that you will feel awkward about talking to them about sex but for the most part, it is important that the same doesn’t happen.


Before you indulge in having sex for the very first time, it is important that you are aware of the fact that losing your hymen doesn’t equal losing your virginity. This is yet another one of the common myths that people have and experience.

Every single woman has a different thickness and percentage of hymenal tissue. Some are thinner and some are not. Often times, the hymen stays intact in some cases, even when you have lost your virginity.

So, know for a fact that your hymen is not a marker for your status of virginity. It is actually a very important fact that you need to know.


Television and movies have created a very bad image of things. My bad, we mean that it has created ungodly expectations when it comes to a couple of things.

For the most part, things aren’t that complicated and they are not what you see in the movies or the adult movies as well.

Majority of the PG-rated scenes that you see in the movies aren’t done in one shot, so the final product that you see on the TV might look the best but for the most part, that is not how reality works. And it is important that you know that as well.

So, don’t compare those with your first experience, they won’t gel well at all.


This may be one of the first times that you show your naked body to a member of the opposite sex, but you shouldn’t let this thought cause you to panic. Because you’re both going into this experience willingly, then odds are the other person is pretty eager to see how you look without any clothes on. 

It’s natural for anyone of any age to have insecurities about their appearance, but sex is a time when you can lose yourself in the pleasure of another person’s body, and forget about the parts of your physique you’d like to change.


It is important that you know that sex can be painful. It is not rainbows and butterflies and for the most part, you are going to experience body pain after losing virginity.

Not just after but even during the act, you might experience pain. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to shy away from things.

Just make sure that your partner indulges in foreplay more to ensure optimal lubrication for better comfort. That what the key to a pleasurable experience is.


Now, don’t take it the wrong way. When we are talking about the changes that your body is likely to feel, we are talking about the physiological changes that it will undergo.

It is not just your reproductive organs that undergo a lot of changes but also the overall functioning of the body that you possibly didn’t have any idea about.

Your breasts and nipples with a change in morphology and how they feel but that is what comes with the experience, so you need not worry about anything at all.


When it comes to losing your virginity, it is very important that you and your partner indulge in foreplay. I can’t stress this enough but doing the foreplay right ensures to make the experience a pleasurable one for you instead of being a painful one.

If you are worried and stressed about the situation, it is likely that you will be terrified when the actual event happens. This is the reason why it is important that you actually take your time out to focus on the foreplay to make this experience a memorable one for you without any compromise at all.


The majority of the people who are having sex for the first time aim for an orgasm on the first go. That shouldn’t be your goal when you are doing it for the very first time.

It is very important that you actually do enjoy the moment because that is what matters at the end of the day. You want to enjoy the experience and keep it in your memories.

If you keep obsessing over an orgasm, chances are that you will lose everything there is to the moment. It is a necessity that you enjoy sex and the overall experience. If you are lucky, you will experience an orgasm alongside as well.


Doing everything in the heat of the moment is one thing but if you are someone who likes to keep their memories special and has waited a long time to finally lose your virginity, it is important that you plan things accordingly.

This is a necessity because better planning ensures a better experience unlike anything else.

The last thing that you want is to end up experiencing mediocre sex. It is not necessary that your first time will be the best one but at least, you want it to be decent enough.

Apart from where you will do the deed, it is also important that you focus on the surroundings and the overall experience too.


Orgasm for a woman is tough. It is rare times that a woman does actually experience an orgasm. If you have been looking into losing your virginity, knowing this off the bat can be a good option for you.

Just ensure that you do focus on enjoying the experience because, to be honest, that is what that matters at the end of the day.

It is okay even if you don’t experience an orgasm the first time around; there are a number of times later that you can.


Don’t worry if things get a bit awkward during your first experience, especially if your partner is also losing his or her virginity. In the movies, sex may look completely effortless, but in reality, it doesn’t always go so smoothly. 

Fortunately, the more time you spend with your partner, the better sex will become. You’ll soon learn what he or she likes and dislikes, and each session will get steamier as a result.


Don’t listen to people who say you can’t get an STD your first time – it’s a myth. Similarly, women are able to get pregnant even during their first experience. For these reasons, it’s essential that you wear protection each and every time you have sex – even if you’ve never done it before. Wearing condoms will keep both you and your partner safe.

How long should you wait after losing your virginity to indulge in sex again?

To be fair, there is no standard rule when it comes to the time span of when you can have sex again. It all depends on how comfortable you are and how amazing the experience was. You can even relive the night the next morning if you are not in pain and feel okay enough.

Just ensure that you are practicing hygiene while having sex because that is something that matters a lot. UTIs are very common after you have had sex, which is why peeing after sex for women is very important.

But, in terms of duration, it all comes down to your comfort and how willing you are to do it again.

If you have been wondering what happens to your body when you lose virginity, these are some of the important highlights that you need to know of. Always make sure to discuss things with your partner because that matters. The more you talk about it, it is likely that you will be more comfortable when it is actually time for it to happen. Don’t be so uptight about losing your virginity. Just enjoy the experience as it goes.
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