Getting a flat tummy doesn’t have to be difficult. There are things you can do to help flatten your stomach. Flat tummy water could trim your waistline and help you flaunt a toned body.

Flat tummy water contains a few simple ingredients. It is a mixture of water, ginger, cucumber, lemon, and mint leaves. It is a good alternative to high-calorie drinks and provides many health benefits, too.


Here is a simple and rejuvenating flat tummy water recipe

This is an easy step-by-step Flat Tummy Water Recipe that I decided to share with everyone who desires to lose their belly fat. You got to fit that dress again and stay healthy.
Cucumber, lemon, mint leaves, and ginger are the main flat tummy water ingredients.

Ingredients for flat tummy water recipe

☛6 cups of water
☛1 teaspoon grated garlic/ginger
☛1 medium thinly cut cucumber
☛1 medium lemon thinly sliced
☛mint leaves. (Available in all major supermarkets)

How to prepare flat tummy water

Combine all the ingredients and let stand overnight/refrigerated. Drink the following day, and make sure you drink some before breakfast. Do this for 3 weeks.

You can drink these Water Recipe all the next day and enjoy it! In case if you are not able to finish it all, keep it in the refrigerator. it keeps up to 2 days.

Make sure the ingredients that you used in the water recipe are all organic and the water is filtered.


  • If perhaps you are not able to get fresh ginger, you can additionally make use of organic ginger root powder. Use 1 Tbsp.

The Flat tummy water recipe will not only support you get hydrated, but this is going to assists you to get rid of harmful toxic compounds from your body, give the sensation of fullness and also it is going to help you to say goodbye to your belly fat.

You need to keep in mind that any kind of store-bought hunger suppressant can be harmful and it may not always be going to help you with your weight-loss ambitions.

A nutritious diet plan, exercise routine, and self-control are major aspects of becoming successful at weight loss goals.

How Often Should I Drink Flat Tummy Water to Reap Its Benefits?

Flat tummy water isn’t a magical formula that works overnight. It can, however, work when accompanied by a healthy diet and a regular workout routine.

So, how often should you drink flat tummy water? Generally, it is a safe and healthy drink, but don’t overdo it. Be sure to drink some plain water in between. You can try water infused with your favorite fresh fruits as well.

If you are on certain medications or have health issues, consult your doctor before opting for this kind of detox.
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