Food is our primary medicine. Nature has the power to heal and it has the remedy for all ailments. Our food itself turns into medicine and does its work as nourishing and in treating several diseased conditions. Food is used widely in disease prevalence from the ancient period.

If you are looking for a complete cure then opt for Ayurveda or the naturopathy medicine system and have a safer and natural approach where you get a complete cure without harmful side effects.

Garlic is referred to as the wonder drug with its amazing health benefits; it is widely used in India in treating several diseases. It has a unique aroma and strong flavor, which is used in most cuisines.



  • Milk-500ml
  • Water-250ml
  • Sugar-2-3 Tablespoon
  • Minced garlic cloves- 10no’s

Method of preparation:

• Take a saucepan to it add milk, water, and garlic cloves and boil this mixture nicely.
• Keep the flame in simmer, keep stirring continuously.
• Now allow the milk to reduce to half the quantity and then strain the milk.
• add sugar and serve hot.

Note- Raw Garlic has a strong pungent odor and hotness but when you try it with milk, you will love the taste of it. Milk has the coolant property that takes off the hotness of garlic, so you can enjoy this delicious and much healthy drink.


• Asthma-If you want to combat the asthmatic condition, try to have garlic milk daily in the night times and see the difference.
• A cough – Take garlic milk to it add turmeric powder and have this drink to get relief from a cough, Garlic has the natural antibacterial properties that help in fighting against microbes that cause a cough and cold.
• Tuberculosis – Garlic has the sulfur components that help in treating tuberculosis effectively, tuberculosis affected person should take this thick boiled garlic milk at least thrice a day to combat this tuberculosis condition, this is an excellent drug for tuberculosis since the sulphuric acid present in garlic has the power to destroy TB causing germs.
• Pneumonia – Garlic milk to be taken three times a day, with adding turmeric powder to it. This has the proven results in treating pneumonia.
• Cholesterol – if warm Garlic milk is taken continuously for one week period then you can see the LDL level decreases and HDL level increases hence intake of garlic milk is recommended to get the best results in lowering blood cholesterol.
• Cardiac problem – If a cardiac person needs natural relief; try this garlic milk by using skimmed milk or low-fat milk to prepare it and have it daily. The anticoagulant property of garlic helps in lowering blood cholesterol and prevent the formation of clots.
• Venomous bites – To counteract the poison of venomous bites have garlic milk immediately.


Garlic has huge health benefits, it is highly recommended by natural medicine practitioners and nutritionists. Include garlic in any form in your diet and your digestive system health will be maintained and free from flatulence and other infectious diseases.

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