If you are experiencing any of these headaches, contact your doctor immediately

Woman having an headache

We all have headaches—once in a while. When we are very hungry, stressed from work, had poor sleep at night, when your wife is nagging, or if we have any of the common illnesses (like malaria). Headaches are frequent and, I could say, almost normal for most of us.

And, that is okay.

But, not always okay! Some people simply “fell and died”, clutching their heads, complaining of severe headaches (as if someone, somewhere, was praying for them to actually “fall down and die”!) But, no, it isn’t so; because doctors know exactly why. They are called “deadly headaches!”

About 90% of headaches are normal and not dangerous; while a few headaches are literal time-bombs in our heads!—severe, deadly, and dangerous; or at best, cause severe damage to the body. Ready to explode!

I want to help you. I will tell you some things to look out for—pointers to deadly headaches.

Headaches are of numerous types, and they almost look and feel alike. So, having any of these “pointers” doesn’t mean you are going to fall down and die! No, it should make you contact your doctor immediately!

Surprising, as bizarre and painful as migraine headaches are, they are not among the dangerous and deadly headaches. They only make you uncomfortable. “It is not unto death!” Thank God, that it is even migraines that you have!

Too much talk.

See your doctor immediately, if you have a severe headache (that terrible, explosive, and as-if-you-are-going-to-die kind of a headache) and…

It is the first time in your life that you are having that kind and severity of a headache. Strange and different. And if it is “like the worst headache you ever had”!

If it starts suddenly. Abruptly. Very sudden onset. Suddenly! Also, if it is quickly getting worse in severity and frequency, “it is not ordinary!”

If you just had trauma to the head. You hit your head against something, or something hit you. Say, while playing football or in any accident for that matter.

If you have symptoms like the stiffness of your neck, high fever, severe weight loss, strange body rashes, or if anybody around you is having similar symptoms or meningitis.

If it wakes you up at night, it is worse in the morning, makes you feel like vomiting or you vomit in a characteristic strange way (as if the vomitus jumps or is projected out of your mouth).

If you are pregnant; or have a severe disease like HIV/AIDS, cancer, or hypertension.

If you are more than 40 years. It could be [clears throat] Giant Cell Arteritis, or any of those bad things with GIANT names.

If there’s a weakness of a part of your body, loss of vision, convulsion, slurred speech, “seeing double”, loss of balance, memory loss, and so on. Anything abnormal.

If you notice (or other people noticed) a change in your behavior, character, personality, and consciousness. If you are getting increasingly confused. 

Yes, if it is severe and it starts after straining, coughing, weight-lifting, or during (or after) sexual intercourse. Then, there’s an enemy somewhere—but, now, inside your body.

If you are experiencing any of these, contact your doctor immediately. Don’t simply take pain medicine…and sit-back. 


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