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Whether you’ve received your first college homework or just opened that letter of acceptance to the university of your dreams — it means the best time to buy a MacBook has arrived. Studying at a university or college today has become more challenging than ever before, but there are ways to make your efforts less strenuous, by surrounding yourself with good and reliable technology.

Many students around the globe consider Apple to be providing some of the best laptops for college students, and rightfully so. Apple’s operating system has established itself as the most intuitive, trusted, and fastest platform around — it’s highly appreciated by anyone who doesn’t want to take the risk of their work going missing due to a hardware malfunction. Not the least important feature of Mac computers is their immunity to viruses, which comes with a benefit of saving on antivirus software. Pretty good news so far.

Here are 10 reasons why Macs are better than PCs.


1. The Mac Experience

User experience is very important when deciding what type of computer to buy. The operating system plays a big role in determining whether this experience is enjoyable or just plain frustrating.

Windows 8 was a disaster from a user’s point of view. Customers were not impressed with Microsoft’s attempt to incorporate touchscreen computing into their operating system. Microsoft listened to customer complaints, and Windows 10 is a drastic improvement. But Mac still has the edge. OS X El Captain is stable, clean, simple, and most importantly, easy to use. It’s a much better place to hang out, particularly with the seamless incorporation of mouse and track pad gestures.

2. Integration of Other iOS Devices

Anything from your iPhone or iPad will sync to your Mac computer. You can take a photo, save a document, even start an email on your iOS device and it will automatically appear on your computer. There’s no need to save anything to a cloud drive like Dropbox or Google Drive – all your devices will work together without any fuss.

3. There are Less Mac Options

This might not sound like a positive thing, but sometimes less is more. There are hundreds of PCs to choose from, so how do you know where to start? In contrast, there are less than ten Apple computers, which come with different specs. Knowing your budget and computer needs will make deciding on a model a breeze.

4. Great Software is Included

There is a huge range of excellent software available for PC computers that can do just about anything. Some can be downloaded free of charge, and others come at a cost. The thing is, this software isn’t usually downloaded on the machine straight out of the box. Macs, on the other hand, come with a myriad of useful apps, including:
  • Photos
  • iMovie
  • Garageband
  • Keynote
  • Facetime
  • iTunes

In addition, the Mac App Store offers a large number of apps specifically for Mac computers. And don’t worry, pretty much all your favorite Microsoft programs are compatible with Macs, including Open Office.

5. Macs are More Secure

Macs have shown time and time again to be much less vulnerable to viruses and hacking than PCs. The gap is closing, however, as many attacks are based online and hackers are more sophisticated in their techniques. You’ll still need to be cautious online, but for now, Mac is the safest platform.

6. Quality of the Machine

Everyone knows that Macs are more expensive. If all you need is a machine to check your email and surf the web, maybe a Mac isn’t worth it. And, if you feel confident building your own computer, do that. But, if you’re looking for a top-quality device built with meticulous attention to detail that will last, get a Mac.

7. The Mac Screen

There’s no doubt about it – Macs have the best screens on the market. Yes, it has Retina display (which, we’ll be honest with you, is just an HD display), but what’s more impressive is the anti-reflective coating and lack of air gap.

8. Every Component is Optimised

Each component in a Mac computer is optimized to perform well and use less power (hence the longer battery life). Although Apple computers use many of the same hardware components as PCs, Apple does a significantly better job at designing their operating system to take full advantage of these components. This is why Mac updates can actually improve the way different components work, and in some cases, can improve a machine’s battery life.

There is a negative to this. Because of the way Mac computers are designed, customizing or upgrading many components is impossible. So if you’re after a fully customizable computer, a Mac may not be for you.

9. Mac Users are Loyal

Many people who purchase Mac computers have no regrets. In fact, Mac has been at the top of customer satisfaction surveys for over ten years. This shows that for many, the extra cost is worth it.

10. Superior Customer Support

Apple has continuously ranked as one of the best companies for customer support, which is reassuring. Almost all Apple products come with free 90-day access to phone support and a one-year warranty.

How To Find The Best Mac For Education

The process of choosing the best MacBook for college depends on the kind of student you are, the type of assignments you get, and what you’ve generally come to expect from your computers. Apple is known for making their products to last, so even if you decide to buy a cheap Mac laptop for university, it should still be in good shape long after your graduation.

Since your studies will include both theory and practice, it’s crucial for your laptop to be able to support all the apps necessary during your time in college. If you’re not anticipating to be working on any complex projects over the course of your studies, then a cheap Mac laptop will be a reasonable purchase for you.

To ease the process of finding the best Mac education pricing and quickly resolve the age-old question of whether to get MacBook Air vs MacBook Pro for college, take a look at the following aspects.

What you need to know about Mac laptop prices

When you first start comparing Mac laptop prices, it might seem as though MacBook deals for college students are not that cheap. However, once you dive deeper into your search for the top computer on the market, you’ll not only find many cheap Mac laptops, but realize that even the most expensive models are completely worth their price, due to their exceptional longevity and overall efficiency.

Besides, if you’re a registered student, you’re eligible for the Apple college discount to use towards your new Mac from Apple’s Education Store. Occasionally, there are some back-to-school deals too, usually during the summer months — the right time to buy a MacBook.

Want to find additional ways to save money but still get the best MacBook for college? Consider shopping at Apple’s refurbished store or buying a cheap Mac laptop secondhand.
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