Safaricom Ndoto Zetu: How to Apply Online & Download Application Form

Safaricom Ndoto Zetu

Safaricom has launched Ndoto Zetu to transform communities throughout Kenya. The initiative follows a New Year challenge to Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore by a local comedian to support the Divas Power Initiative. Founded by Moesha Kibibi, a professional dancer, Divas Power seeks to support children from slums.

Collymore pledged to educate eighteen girls from Divas Power for a period of five years. Safaricom has now opened the opportunity to other Kenyans with dreams to transform their communities and is inviting them to share their aspirations for the year.

Safaricom Ndoto Zetu, How to Apply Online & Download Application Form

Do you have a dream of uplifting your community through your own project? This is the best chance for you to fulfill your big dream.

A number of people in this world have no access to better healthcare, food and nutrition, shelter, access to clean water, appropriate clothing, proper education, and better infrastructure.

As a member of such a community, you know how it feels to lack some of the basic things in life but you have this wonderful dream of changing the livelihood of your community.

Your dream is to transform your community and make it better and comfortable to live in. Yet you don’t know how and when to actualize it due to financial constraints or maybe lack of support.

Lack of support to actualize your dream for your community should not be an excuse for sitting on it. Safaricom Foundation is just that partner you need and your community will not struggle again.

Safaricom wants you to share that big dream with them and they will partner with you to enable you and your community to grow in the biggest way possible.

Safaricom Foundation through its #NdotoZetuUwezoWetu initiative is looking for members of the community who have impactful projects that need to be actualized.

Safaricom Ndoto Zetu Apply Online

Here is all you need to do to join Safaricom’s #NdotoZetuUwezoWetu Band Wagon

Visit the|NdotoYetu or look out for the Safaricom caravan in your region to get a copy of the application form.

Choose a thematic area, the theme associated with what you want to do for your community. You can choose something on education, health, or economic empowerment.

Summarize the application.

Provide a reasonable budget.

Drop the completed application form within the Ndoto Zetu Box at any Safaricom shop and comfortably wait for feedback. The selected applicants will be contacted through Safaricom’s number 0722000000.

Safaricom Ndoto Zetu Sponsorship Form

Download Safaricom Ndoto Zetu Application Form Here.
Safaricom Ndoto Zetu

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