Some Eating Rules to FOLLOW for Quick Weight Loss

Overweight woman with a large unhealthy meal
An overweight woman with a large unhealthy meal. Source: Mirror
If you are on a weight-loss journey, you must experience hunger pangs, especially if you exercise as well. The heavy workout requires a lot of backed-up energy for better stamina. A lot of people shift to the liquid diet to lose weight which leaves them severely ill or they end up snacking more than ever.

The number 1 eating rule for quick weight loss is to choose food that does not only boost your energy but also keeps you full for hours. The foods that easily get metabolized leave you feeling hungry and out of energy again soon.

Here are some of the major components to add to your diet which are more filling and high in energy. 

Taking them will help you keep your calorie intake as low as you need! 


Add at least three to four servings of protein to your diet. It can take the form of meat, eggs, and fish. Most athletes take a great amount of protein in their diet as it is an ultimate energy booster that does not easily drain out. Moreover, it also makes you feel full for hours and curbs unnecessary cravings. Gymnasts and those building muscles also drink a protein shake with raw eggs in them. These protein drinks are often pre-workout beverages for better stamina for a longer period.

Green Tea

Add three to four cups of green tea to your daily routine. Green tea contains antioxidants that help in pacing up the weight loss process, especially the fat in the belly. As per a study by USDA Research Center, green tea drinkers lose weight two times quicker than non-tea drinkers.

If you are concerned about caffeine, there are processes through which you can decaf your tea. However, the process may take the goodness of some antioxidants along the way. Therefore, you might want to increase the intake from 3 to 5 cups a day.

Vitamin D

If you are following a proper workout schedule along with a diet plan, increasing your intake of Vitamin D is essential. Strengthening the bones is something Vitamin D and calcium can do. Moreover, they also have the power to stretch the muscles for success in losing weight effectively. Vitamin D also helps in controlling weight. Regularly, drink a glass or two of milk in the morning for a kick-start and if your diet plan does not allow milk intake, you can also switch to Vitamin D supplements.

Fibrous Food

Incorporating fibrous food into your diet helps keep you fuller for hours. Add at least 20 to 25 grams of fiber to your daily diet. Shift from white rice and wheat to brown and fibrous rice and wheat. Also, take more vegetables and fruit that contain fiber in them. As per the latest research, a greater intake of fiber leads to a reduction in overall calories.

Detox Water

Plain water or detox water is not only great for keeping the body hydrated and detoxified, but it also helps curb cravings and works as a substitute for sugary sodas. Moreover, the body feels more energized when it is clean and hydrated from the inside. Also, detox water is famous for belly fat loss. There are many recipes out there on the internet for detox water for weight loss.


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