Towel Cleanliness Regime Everyone Must Follow

Towel Cleanliness Regime Everyone Must Follow

When it comes to personal hygiene, towel plays a very crucial role. Be it cleaning your face or simply removing packs or masks, we use towels very frequently. But, have you ever thought about the hygiene of this personal care product? If not, then now is the time to think and take measures to keep your skin from any further damage. According to a leading publication, a microbiologist at the University of Arizona, Charles Gerba found that around 90 per cent of the towels in the bathroom were infected with harmful bacteria. Not only in the bathrooms, but these bacteria were also present on kitchen hand towels. The same report also talked about how towels act as a bacteria trap because every time a person uses a towel, he/she ends up transferring their natural skin bacteria or other germs to it. Therefore, it is vital to know how to maintain a cleanliness regime for a towel. Follow these steps!

Separate Towel For Separate Uses

Now that we know that towel acts as a trap and carrier of germs, we don’t want bacteria transferring from hands to the face. Using the same towel can transfer infections that can cause skin diseases from perhaps your feet or any other part for that matter to your face. Use a separate towel for your face, hand, body, and hair. Keep a small hand towel for the hands, an extremely soft towel for face, a normal cotton towel for the body, and an Egyptian cotton towel for hair.

Do Not Share Your Towel

Often we do not carry our own handkerchief and due to lack of paper towel we end up using a common hand towel hung next to the washbasin. Nothing can be more unhygienic then this, even if you are doing this at your own house. Also, sharing a towel with siblings, parents must be avoided at all cost, because the bacteria from your skin could transfer to someone else’s skin and vice versa. Always use your own separate towel.

Do Not Use Damp Towel

Reportedly, a damp environment is most suitable for certain types of bacteria to grow. Other than your hand, make a rule if also air drying your hand towel immediately after use. It is best to let your towel dry naturally under the sun. Also, never leave your towel hanging in the bathroom, bedroom or any other area after use to eliminate the bacteria from transferring and multiplying.

Wash Towel After 3-4 Uses

This may surprise you but as per media reports, bath towels should be washed after every 3 to 4 uses to keep them hygienic. The fur in the towel gets filled with dead skin cells and dirt of the body, especially when you exfoliate.

Clean Workout, Gym Towels Every Day

Towels that you use while working out need more cleanliness. While running, or doing any other form of exercises you probably lay your towel on certain unhygienic surfaces. Those surfaces may have come into contact with other people’s sweat bacteria and dirt, which can settle on your towel as well. Therefore, it is imperative to adopt a habit of cleaning your towel regularly. If you feel this is rather a hectic procedure than keep 2-3 sets of towels that you can use one day after another.

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