Undergraduate Kenya Scholarships for International Students

Undergraduate Kenya Scholarships for International Students

 African Canadian Continuing Education Society – ACCES

  • The ACCES project is located in Kenya in the Kakamega District of Western Province. Kakamega is located 250 km northwest of Nairobi, about 30 km from Lake Victoria. ACCES donors have enabled high school graduates to continue their education through Kenya Scholarships and so to embark upon a career. Sponsoring post-secondary students at $50/month to continue their education and embark upon a career.

DayStar University

  • offers a variety of scholarships. The eligibility and application process varies depending on the kind of scholarship. The broad range of scholarship program enables the University to cater for a wide range of applicants.
  • Some of the available scholarships are need based while others are based on academic merit. There are full and partial scholarships, which are administered every academic year, which over 200 students benefit from.

Higher Education Loans Board

  • The Higher Education Loans Board was established by an Act of Parliament. The statute known as The Higher Education Loans Board Act, 1995 was legally established as Act number 3 of 1995. It came into existence on the 21st day of July 1995 through Kenya Gazette Supplement (Cap 213A). The Board’s objective is to give financial support to needy Kenyan students in institutions of higher learning both locally and abroad. However, due to financial constraints, it is currently not in a position to provide loans to students studying outside the country and those on self sponsored program (commonly known as the ‘parallel program’). Therefore, at the moment, it gives loans to provide Kenya Scholarships for 2012.

East African Breweries Limited

  • The EABL Foundation is a corporate-based regional foundation, committed to enriching the lives and livelihoods of the less fortunate and excluded people throughout East Africa in a sustainable manner.
  • EABL Foundation has announced the commencement of this year’s scholarship application drive that will see 20 new students join private and public universities across East Africa. The Kenya Scholarships program for 2012 is open to bright but needy students across the region wishing to study Business, Information Technology, Engineering, and Food Science. This scholarship covers tuition, books, accommodation, monthly stipend, and a mentorship program for those students that are awarded.

Swedish Institute Study Scholarships

  • target highly qualified students.
  • About 120 scholarships will be awarded for studies in Sweden, starting in August 2012.
  • The scholarship covers both living costs and tuition fees.
  • Travel grants – Scholarship holders will receive a travel grant in connection with the scholarship. The travel grant is a one-time payment of SEK 10.000.

University of East Anglia – International Scholarships

  • All international students (outside the EU) are able to be considered for a Kenya Scholarships of between 10 and 50 per cent of tuition fees. Students should indicate on the application for admission that they wish to be considered for a UEA scholarship. It is important to make an application as early as possible because they are considered as they are received. Scholarships are awarded to students on the basis of academic merit and are normally for the duration of the period of study – three years for Bachelor and PhD degrees and one year for Masters's program. They are available from all Schools of Study and across most courses of study.

The University of Sheffield – Kenya 50% Postgraduate Scholarships 2009

  • The University of Sheffield offers a range of Kenya Scholarships for 2012 to students from Nigeria who show exceptional academic potential and are starting their studies at the University of Sheffield in September 2011. The university recognises that studying overseas is a major undertaking, both personally and financially, and aims to assist international students who require financial assistance Nigeria Scholarships and awards, among others.

Sydney Achievers International Scholarships

  • At the University of Sydney we offer Sydney Choice – a wide range of dynamic courses with flexible degree structures. We don’t believe one model fits all. We encourage you to start working towards your goal, your way, from your first day at university. They offer:
  • 30 scholarships each per annum
  • available for a maximum of three years,
  • Any Undergraduate program offered at the University of Sydney


  • As part of the education sector reforms, the Ministry of Education has expressed special interests in expanding educational opportunities for marginalized populations, particularly those in Coast, Eastern, North Eastern provinces and urban slums in Nairobi. North Eastern, Eastern and Coast provinces have the highest percentage of the minority Muslims who have been historically marginalized in the past. In the North Eastern Province pastoral communities lack access to culturally appropriate schooling, and the populations in North Eastern, Eastern and Coast provinces also have less experience with the formal education system altogether.

Windle Trust International

  • Windle Trust International is a registered UK charity based in the university city of Oxford, with offices also in Sudan, and sister organizations in Uganda, Kenya, and Ethiopia. The Trust’s work is funded by a wide range of donors and supported by universities and colleges in Britain and Africa to provide for Kenya Scholarships for 2012. Windle Trust International provides access to education and training for those affected by conflict in Africa. We equip talented young Africans to meet the challenges of development in their own countries. The Trust’s activities include sponsoring study in schools, universities and colleges in Africa and in the United Kingdom, and intensive English programs to enable refugees and other caught up in Africa’s conflicts to access training, employment and community leadership roles.

York University  – Global Leader of Tomorrow Award

  • $60,000 – ($15,000 x 4 years)
  • Highest academic average
  • Nomination by high school
  • Leadership and demonstrated skills
  • To renew – must have a high academic standing (7.80 on a 9-point York scale) in each academic year at York.
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