Why Kids Should Drink Green Smoothies More Often

Why Kids Should Drink Green Smoothies More Often

If you’re in the habit of drinking a green smoothie every day, you already know how healthy and delicious it is.

If you can get your kids on board with green smoothies, you have an easy way to help them get the vitamins, minerals, calcium, fiber, and other nutrients they need.

Starting healthy habits early means they’ll stay for life!

Here are eight reasons why your kiddos should be jumping on the green smoothie train!

Smoothies Make Veggies Exciting

Smoothies that incorporate veggies show kids that veggies are versatile and can taste good! You’re just “dressing them up” a bit. When your little one sees a handful of greens going into a smoothie, and then they like drinking it, that’s the first step towards kids eating their vegetables!

Kids Can Share Breakfast with Mom and Dad

What’s better than a healthy breakfast? Not having to make a separate healthy breakfast for the kids! Getting the family ready in the morning can leave everyone short on time. Blend up one smoothie to share with your little ones and breakfast is done in a snap. Toast up a piece of bread to serve on the side if they’re extra hungry.

Smoothies Inspire Adventurous Eating

Help combat picky eating by introducing lots of flavors to kids. Smoothies are a great way to incorporate new flavors that may otherwise be tricky to serve. Add some things your kids might not try with regular meals, like fresh ginger, mint, or lemon!

They’re Good for On-The-Go

Life with kids is hectic! Instead of grabbing a packaged breakfast or snack when you don’t have time to sit down, blend up a smoothie, and pour it in a to-go cup. It’s the perfect energy to fuel your kids for all their activities.

Real Food VS a Vitamin

Kids need the right nutrients to help them grow. Since smoothies incorporate a variety of naturally-occurring vitamins and minerals, it helps get those little bodies exactly what they need from real food. They’ll also get a helping of healthy fats, protein, and fiber — three things most multivitamins don’t provide.

Kids Will Learn About Food

One of the best ways to teach young kids about nutrition is to familiarize them with healthy foods. You can do this without ever mentioning how healthy they are! Learning names of various fruits and veggies, and learning different properties — soft or crunchy, big or small, color, etc. — helps them feel empowered and adventurous.

Kids Can Help Make Smoothies

If you dream of the day your kids will make their own meals, helping with smoothies is a great way to get them comfortable in the kitchen. Older kids can help gather and chop ingredients (with close supervision, of course). Younger ones can rinse produce and add ingredients to the blender. This is also a great opportunity to talk about the different fruits and veggies going into the smoothie!

A Smoothie is Dessert Filled With Good Stuff

All you have to do is say the smoothie is pie or chocolate flavored, and you’ve instantly deemed it dessert-worthy. Indulgent treats are fine occasionally, but if your kids have a sweet tooth, replace their normal daily dessert with a small smoothie for a no sugar added, nutrient-packed treat.

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