7 products to combat your boob sweat problems

7 products to combat your boob sweat problems and you’ll be feeling dry in no time!

Sweating from the bust isn’t cute and can be downright uncomfortable. Reduce chafing, redness, irritation, and sweat with these 7 products for your most comfortable summer yet.

Sweating in the summer can be uncomfortable just about anywhere. While sweating from your waist and thighs can lead to serious chub rub, sweating from your breasts and having under boob sweat can be just as painful! If you’ve ever had to deal with little red bumps, rashes, chafing, or even just a big wet spot accumulating on your cute top, you may want to try one (or a few!) of the following products to not let sweaty boobs get you down!

1. Ta-Ta Towel

The Ta-Ta Towel, a halter-style towel that lifts your breasts off of your abdomen and separated from each other, is made to keep you dry. It’s the perfect thing to throw on right after you hop out of the shower to ensure that you’re completely dry before you start getting dressed. Made from a super absorptive towel, the ultra-soft rayon liner won’t irritate sensitive nipples so you’re sure to be comfortable. Great for humid climates where it can be especially tough to completely dry after a shower, new moms and pregnant women especially love this product’s maternity line, not just because it protects sensitive skin from scratchy fabric and absorbs any leaking milk, but it also features an overlapping panel for each breast that provides easy access for nursing or pumping. Starting off the day with completely dry skin helps in the battle against boob sweat and chafing!

2. Bust Dust

Bust Dust is a talc-free, cruelty-free powder that comes in a pump-able bottle made specifically for boob sweat. Just pump a bit on your hands and rub all over your bust to absorb any lingering moisture. Skin soothing aloe and chamomile help reduce any redness or irritation while the powder proactively fights against sweat. Plus, your skin will feel dry and smooth, and getting dressed feels much easier when you feel dry! Pro Tip: Bust Dust can also double as a dry shampoo, prevent sweat in your shoes (and as an odor-eater), and generally help wherever you need a little less moisture!

3. Moisture-Wicking Sports Bra

Finding the right sports bra is a game changer. Not only can the right sports bra add support in all the right ways as you move and jump during your daily workout, but moisture-wicking fabric can help you feel dry, while underwire can separate your breasts to reduce friction and chafing. While many people may think of cotton for its absorption ability, keep in mind that the material doesn’t dry quickly, so opt for a moisture-wicking fabric so as not to cause irritation. 

4. Pantyliners

While we don’t think this is the best option (placing pantyliners in your bra can become uncomfortable and removing them requires a trip to the bathroom), many plus-size women report this as a tried-and-true trick for absorbing moisture and staying dry. You can always swap an old pantyliner out for a fresh one if needed, and in a pinch, you can swap in tissues or paper towels if your bag is fresh out of pantyliners. Opt for a thin version as a thick one may look bulky and be uncomfortable. If you sweat through your underwear too, wearing a panty liner in your underwear can also help absorb sweat there, as well as keep your underwear cleaner for longer.

5. Fresh Breasts

Fresh Breasts is made by the people who created Fresh Balls, a similar product made for men to keep their “down there” area feeling dry, smelling clean, and chafe-free. So you can imagine they’d be the perfect people to create a product for boob sweat, too! This unscented, soothing cream kills odor and dries as a silky powder. It’s cruelty-free and also free of aluminum, parabens, and talc.

6. Anti-Chafe Powders

There are a lot of anti-chafing powders out there, and just about any of those we outlined in the Chub-Rub Prevention post will work for your boob sweat needs too. Cornstarch and baby powder are popular options, but there are also medicated options from Gold Bond, Monistat, Anti-Monkey Butt, and Lush Cosmetics that have the added benefits of soothing and moisturizing ingredients and all steer clear of talc and parabens.

7. Argan Oil

Essential oils are often being praised for their medicinal properties, but Moroccan argan oil is truly known to be a miracle worker when it comes to boob sweat and irritation. Rubbing just a few drops into your skin (between breasts, on top, underneath, on the sides) can help with chafing and irritation, heat rashes, and funky odor, while the antibacterial properties will reduce your risk for infection.

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