Air Hostess/Cabin Crew Requirements in Kenya

Air Hostess

Working as an air hostess is a dream come true for many people. Jetting off to exotic destinations and meeting new people from different cultural backgrounds is a plus. In fact, interacting with the rich, influential and famous is the norm. Not forgetting the generous salary and allowances.

This is one of the most lucrative jobs in Kenya. The minimum salary for a fresh graduate is Kes40,000 minus allowances in major airlines, such as Kenya Airways. Many look at those gorgeous girls with perfectly clad outfits, sultry smiles and aspire to be like that one day. Air hostesses are generally women but cabin crew comprises of all the people working in a flight

Duties of an air hostess

  • Welcoming passengers on board and ensuring that they are well seated
  • Ensuring all safety measures are adhered to
  • Ensuring all expected passengers are on board
  • Serving foods and drinks in some airlines, not all of them offer this service.
  • Answering inquiries from passengers

Requirements for Becoming an air hostess in Kenya


You need to have a friendly outgoing personality. This will make interactions among passengers much easier. Confidence is also a requirement. You must always walk with your head held straight.

Great physique

As an air hostess, you are the image of the airline. Therefore, beauty is of uttermost importance. Probably, you’ve already seen how flawless those flight attendants are. The airline has to uphold international standards of beauty.

Weight and height are also a consideration. You need to be at less 5ft2 or 157cm. The weight should also be proportional to height. Therefore, physical fitness should be a top priority if you want to pursue this career.

First aid knowledge/swimming

Accidents are a normal occurrence in life. As an air hostess, knowledge in first aid is very important. An accident may occur with a passenger and you’d be required to offer assistance.

There is also the fact that planes have issues sometimes. Swimming is a survival tool in case the plane plunges or makes an emergency landing in the ocean. Well, if you’ll still be alive in this event, swimming will come in hand.

Medically fit

Mental and physical health is a requirement. An airline won’t employ you if they find out you’re not mentally fit. Your vision should also be good, 6/6 or 6/24 in both eyes.


A flight attendant needs to be proficient in English. It is the number one widely spoken language. Other languages are also an added advantage. A person with a mastery of many languages has an advantage over those who only know one or two languages.


Like many professional careers, this also requires education. The course usually takes a minimum of 3 months. Your beauty, confidence, skills, and health need to be matched with training.

Institutions/ colleges offering training include:

  • Career Training Center
  • Regional Aviation Training
  • Kenya Aeronautical College
  • Kenya Utalii College
  • Trans-Eastern Airlines Aviation College, Airport Campus
  • Nairobi Aviation Institute
  • Mombasa Aviation Training Institute
  • The Kenya Airways Pride Center
  • Skytech Aviation College
  • Skyways Aviation Training Institute
  • Strathmore University
  • Daystar University

The qualifications vary depending on the school and so does the duration of the study.


Taking the course does not guarantee the job. If it is a dream, then giving up won’t be an option even if it takes time. Other airlines require their hostesses to be unmarried or if married they should not get pregnant. If they get pregnant, they are fired immediately, it is discovered. The older you get, the fewer chances of becoming an air hostess. They prefer young agile girls. Airlines will also not employ anyone under the age of 18.
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