Recognized Nursing Schools in Kenya

Recognized Nursing Schools in Kenya

In Kenya, 36 counties have nursing schools to train nursing students. The number of newly qualified nurses by the Nursing Council of Kenya to join the workforce between 2006-2015 was 19,994. Also, nurses are the majority of health professionals in Kenya.

By 2015, Kenya had 51,649 registered nurses below the age of 60 years. These nurses graduate from different nursing schools across the country. The need for more health workers is spiking in the country as days go by, and therefore, it is essential to enroll more students in this field.

List of Nursing Schools in Kenya


Nursing school




AIC Kijabe School of Nursing

Advanced Diploma in Nursing Anesthesia

Diploma in Critical Care Nursing

+254 709 728200


Kenya Medical Training College

Certificate in Community Health Nursing

Diploma in Kenya Registered Community Health Nursing





Kenyatta National Hospital Nursing School

Oncology nursing

Neonatal nursing critical care nursing

+254 020 2726300/ +254 709 854000


AIC Kapsowar School of Nursing

Diploma in Kenya Registered Community Health Nursing

+254 727 323566

Uasin Gishu

Nairobi Hospital School of Nursing

Diploma in Kenya Registered Nursing

+254 703 082000


Fafa Medical Training College

Diploma in Kenya Registered Nursing

+254 710 233072/ +254 725 964147


Nazareth Medical College

Diploma in nursing

+254 722 405166/ +254 711 930741


AMREF Nursing School

Diploma in Kenya Registered Community Health Nursing

+254 020 6993280


Aga Khan University School of Nursing

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Bachelor of Science in Midwifery

Diploma in Oncology Nursing

Masters of Science in Advanced Practice Nursing

+254 20 3745808


Ram Hospital School of Nursing

Diploma in Nursing

+254 705 239289/ 057 2506406


1. AIC Kijabe Nursing School

Kijabe school of nursing is a branch of AIC Kijabe Hospital. It was established in 1980 with the first trainees undertaking a certificate in community health nursing. Since then, the nursing school has trained over 1,200 qualified health professionals.

Over the years, the institution has grown to produce health workers working here in Kenya and other countries. In 2006, the nursing school started to train in Advanced Diploma in Nursing Anesthesia. Other nursing courses you can get include a higher diploma in Perioperative Nursing and Critical Care Nursing.

2. Kenya Medical Training College

KMTC is one of the best schools offering nursing in Kenya. It has 71 campuses spreading across the country. Currently, the nursing school produces over 12,000 graduates each year. This is about 85 % contribution of the hospital workforce in Kenya.

The nursing school offers different nursing courses at certificate, diploma, and higher diploma levels. Due to its legacy in health training, KMTC has drawn students from countries like Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda, Nigeria, and Sudan.

3. Kenyatta National Hospital Nursing School

As one of the nursing schools in Nairobi, Kenya, it has trained nursing students in this county and those outside Nairobi. It offers nursing courses at an affordable fee. The school offers nursing courses that are approved by the Nursing Council of Kenya (NCK).

Each year, the nursing school produces about 120 nurses who impact the Kenyan health sector and other countries. If you want to be a qualified nurse, you can enroll in one of the nursing courses at KNH Nursing School.

4. AIC Kapsowar School of Nursing

It is a Christian-based institution in Uasin Gishu county. The nursing school trains diploma in Kenya Registered Community Health Nursing. If you got a C plain and above and would like to pursue nursing, you can enroll at this institution.

The nursing school has highly qualified lecturers and clinical instructors who will help you achieve nursing skills. Besides, you have the opportunity to study theory in class and practical in various hospitals within the community.

5. Nairobi Hospital Nursing School

Nairobi Hospital School of Nursing has over 60 years of experience in training nurses in Kenya. The school has all the resources required to produce a fully-baked nurse. It has lecture halls, a library centre with modern books, laboratories, a computer centre, and internet services.

Since its establishment, the nursing school has trained over 1,600 nurses. One-third of these nurses are part of the Nairobi Hospital, while the rest serve in other hospitals worldwide.

6. Fafa Medical Training College

Fafa Medical Training College is a private Technical and Vocational Training Centre (TVC) in Kakamega county. The nursing school is registered by TVETA and, therefore, trustworthy in training.

You can get a diploma in Kenya Registered Community Health Nursing from Fafa. The school admits a maximum of 80 trainees to the program. Also, you can apply online for this course without traveling to Kakamega.

7. Nazareth Medical College

The Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary initiated the nursing school in 2005. The school offers professional nursing education and promotes excellence in nursing practice. Over the years, Nazareth Medical College has grown to a full nursing training centre.

If you want to go through a quality three-year diploma in Kenya Registered Community Health Nursing, Nazareth is the place to be. The program gives you sufficient skills to work in acute health care systems, community settings, and obstetric.

8. AMREF Nursing School

AMREF Nursing School in Nairobi offers a 3 ½ diploma course in nursing. The institution runs its intake in April and August each year. Therefore, if you are a form four graduate who wants to pursue a nursing career, you can enroll in AMREF.

You only need to fill the application form. Then you can provide documents like your academic and school leaving testimonials, national ID, or Birth Certificate. Once you meet the requirements, you will be admitted to start the program.

9. Aga Khan Nursing School

The Aga Khan School of Nursing & Midwifery Nairobi is one of its kind. Since 2000, the school has seen hundreds of nurses graduate with skills that suit the health sector in Kenya and outside.

The nursing school is one of the advanced Practice Midwifery pioneers(APM) and Advanced Practice in Nursing (APN). Besides, the school offers highly recognized courses in nursing and midwifery across East Africa.

10. Ram Hospital Nursing School

Ram is one of the institutions offering midwifery courses in Kenya through a diploma in nursing. The school is located in Kisii county. With professional lectures, the students go through the program effectively and efficiently.

Also, the nursing school has incorporated an internship program to allow students to gain all the skills. You can enroll in the nursing course in Ram and be part of Kenya’s health sector.
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