Simple Bedtime Drink For Flat Tummy (Recipe)

Simple Bedtime Drink for Flat Tummy

All women’s number one enemy is the belly fat, right? So try this drink and it will help you remove the excess body fat, strengthen the immunity and boost metabolism in a short period of time.

You can burn body fat while asleep, especially stomach fat if you drink a single glass of this amazing drink.

Drink this beverage every night before going to bed and you will see the results very fast.

Get rid of the annoying stomach fat that is making you feel unsatisfied with your looks. It is very simple to prepare this efficient weight loss drink. You will no longer feel hopeless in your goal to eliminate the extra fats on your stomach.

Our metabolisms are functioning slower while we are asleep. This powerful beverage will boost the function of your metabolism when you are asleep. The calories will disappear while you are sound asleep.

The cucumber in this juice will reduce the stomach fat. Cucumbers will make you feel fresh, since they contain high amounts of water and fiber, while they are very low in calories. Cucumbers are an excellent part of any meal since one cucumber contains only 45 calories.

The bloating and discomfort in your stomach can be eliminated by adding parsley or cilantro in the drink. These ingredients are low in calories. Instead, they contain high amounts of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that prevent water retention that causes the uncomfortable bloating of the stomach.

The lemon in this beverage cleanses your body from the toxins. The metabolism of fats becomes easier without the presence of the toxic elements, so you will see how the stomach fats disappear with the regular consumption of this incredible beverage.

Another ingredient that boosts the metabolism and aids the melting of the stomach fats is ginger. Ginger even prevents the appearance of constipation. You can have the desired, perfect, flat stomach if you consume ginger in your daily diet. Ginger reduces the appetite and destroys the stomach fats.

An amazing ingredient that should be part of any weight loss diet is Aloe Vera juice. Aloe Vera juice is full of natural antioxidants that prevent the spread of free radicals.

Moreover, it cures the inflammations inside of the body. Aloe Vera juice will make you feel full of energy since it will boost your metabolism. Your BMI will become normal with the consumption of this natural juice.

If you drink this healthy beverage that consists of all the below-listed ingredients, you will most certainly forget about the boring stomach fats.

Simple Bedtime Drink for Flat Tummy


  • One cucumber

  • Bunch of cilantro or parsley

  • One lemon

  • One tablespoon of grated ginger

  • One tablespoon of Aloe Vera juice

  • Half a glass of water


The instruction of this powerful drink is straightforward. You have to place all the ingredients in a blender process well, that’s it.

Consume the drink every day before going to bed and your belly fat will disappear.

Consume the drink every day before going to bed and your belly fat will disappear.

As we mentioned above, this drink will also improve your overall health and will help you to stay hydrated. These fat burning ingredients will help you achieve the desired results faster.

You are probably tired of listening to your friends complain about tummy fat and do nothing about it. This drink will help build a wall that will protect one organism from diseases and it will feed the clean system with healthy and clean food.

Why do these ingredients work?

The vitamins and fiber found in cucumbers, along with its water content, make you feel fuller and the more water you drink, the faster your metabolism will be. Cilantro or parsley are antioxidant-rich and tackle any water retention and bloating you might be facing while also helping in eliminating flatulence and acting as a blood tonic and blood purifier. Both lemon and ginger are excellent digestive and detoxification aids that help burn your fat.

Aloe vera, too, is rich in antioxidants and stimulates the metabolism – it also soothes any internal inflammation in the digestive tract, thereby making the digestive system more efficient.

So the bottom line is, this is a healthy drink that detoxifies you inside and out, aids in healthier digestion, and also increases the metabolic rate – all in all, helping you to lose that stubborn fat much faster, as long as you couple it with a balanced diet and some regular exercise.

I’ve seen several people asking the same questions, here are the answers (could’ve missed it).

Q: How many nights should you be drinking it? Also, how soon do you start seeing results?

A: Well, you should drink it at least for 1 week to start seeing the results, it is actually the beginning that is harder, but then after that period the burning of fat becomes easier and faster.

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