The Nation Media Group Internships (All Year Round)

The Nation Media Group Internships (All Year Round)

Our Internship program runs for 3 months, with an opportunity to get practical experience in a work environment in the following functions: Editorial Print, Editorial TV/Radio, Finance, IT, Marketing, Procurement, HR.

The Nation Media Group invites internship applications from university students interested in creating a career in the journalism industry.

The Nation Media Group is the largest independent media house in East and Central Africa with operations in print, broadcast, and digital media, which attract and serve unparalleled audiences in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and Rwanda. As a brand, we are committed to generating and creating content that will inform, educate and entertain our consumers across the different platforms, keeping in mind the changing needs and trends in the industry.

The Nation Media Group Internship

Having moved from being in print media only, the Group has diversified into television, radio, and digital media platforms. In addition, to being on multi-platforms, the group’s presence can now be found in Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania. It’s from this that they seek to work with University students every year to share industry knowledge and insights on working in this industry.

They recruit high-caliber interns to serve customers and the business needs of the organization. The group’s approach is professional and fair. Nation Media Group embraces the principles of equity to ensure a bias-free employee selection and retention process. They do not discriminate on grounds of color, creed, race, ethnicity, sex, disability, religion, or marital status.

Required Skills for the Nation Media Group Internship

  • The candidate must already be enrolled in college or university to be considered.
  • The candidate must currently be enrolled as a student in a public or accredited private institution.
  • The candidate is expected to specify the department of interest.

Nation Media Group Internship Requirements

  • Should have a desire and passion to gain professional experience.
  • Must be eager to learn.
  • Must have oral and written communication skills.
  • Must have the ability to follow directions, as well as not be afraid to ask questions.
  • Must be a fast learner, committed, able to follow instructions, work quickly and accurately under pressure.
  • Must be keen to learn about the markets in which the company operates.
  • The internship runs for three months with the possibility of extension/permanent employment hire.

How to Apply

All interested continuing students should submit the following documents;
  • Introduction letter from the university/institution
  • Application letter for the internship clearly indicating the department of interest
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Photocopy of Student ID
  • Copies of O’ and A’ level certificates
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