Banks in Kenya that Offer Internship Opportunity 2024

Banks in Kenya that Offer Internship Opportunity 2024

Are you looking for an internship in a Kenyan bank? If so, you’re in the right place.

This article introduces you to various banks in Kenya offering internship opportunities for students undertaking finance and related courses and the minimum requirements set by each bank.

Of course, it’s important to attend an internship before completing your certificate, diploma, or Degree programme now that employers favor applicants with job experience.

Plus, in some institutions, you won’t graduate without undergoing at least a 3-months internship.

To help you secure an internship without hustling a lot, we compiled a list of banks offering attachments in Kenya and the basic requirements where available.

Find them below.

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Internship in Kenya banks – where to look for an internship in Kenya as a student.

KCB bank internships

KCB bank internships give a golden opportunity to exceptional college and university students to get hands-on skills that give them a strong head start when it comes to banking careers in Kenya.

During the programme, the lucky students are nurtured by KCB bank experts in the hope that they can take up central roles in the finance industry in Kenya in the coming days.

Training especially emphasizes skills like how to identify opportunities, take initiative, and lead projects.

How to get an internship at KCB bank

Send your application to

Equity bank internships

Equity remains a huge Brand name and is one of the best places to learn from as an intern because of the bank’s numerous interesting projects.

Plus, the workplace is fast-paced and quite demanding so you’ll be fully prepared to handle the most challenging tasks in your future job roles.

Equity bank internships are, however, unique in that they target fresh KCSE graduates with exemplary grades (in most cases, that is).


You must have passed exceedingly well at your KCSE exams.

How to apply

Those going on the internship are picked through Equity Bank’s Wings to Fly scholarship program.


The gross remuneration is shs.40,000 per month.

Internship Period

In most cases, you’ll work with the bank until you join the university you have been admitted to.

Family bank internship

Another financial institution you can target in your search for internship in Kenya banks is Family Bank.

Like Equity Bank, the work environment here is absolutely fascinating and you’ll be exposed to dozens of captivating projects in myriad fields.

The seniors here are super friendly and you’ll love the workload (you’re learning so you won’t mind!).

The remuneration is, however, not much to write home about, though that shouldn’t be a big deal as an intern.

How to apply

Channel your internship application through

The other option is to follow Family bank on their LinkedIn Page since they tend to post internship vacancies there.

NIC bank internship

Imagine belonging to a team of innovative bankers where you can practice your expertise, advance your industry knowledge, and get tips to help you establish a thriving career in the banking sector?

That’s what NIC Bank offers through their internships.

And the good thing is that you’ll be involved in a multi-cultural team from across the planet so you’ll essentially leave the organization as a global citizen.

This internship is for freshly graduated students or those in the 3rd or 4th years of their degree programmes.


  • KCSE B+ (at least B+ Mathematics and English).
  • University degree (2nd upper class honours/equivalent).
  • Continuing student to present their transcripts.

How to apply

Visit: and create an account (click on Register a new account).


  • Select opportunities.
  • Proceed to apply by filling in the requested details.

Cooperative Bank Internships

Contrary to what many students think, Co-op Bank doesn’t currently have an official internship program.

But you shouldn’t despair because they do once in while advertise opportunities for fresh graduates including graduate clerk jobs at Cooperative Bank in the national dailies and on the Cooperative Bank careers website here:

Having said that, the bank has in the past offered internship opportunities to Kenyan students via their subsidiary, the Co-op Bank Foundation.

CBA bank

CBA Bank is one of Kenya’s largest privately held banks and provides exciting and rewarding career internship opportunities to Kenyan students at various times.

Each of the attachment openings is designed to allow you to hone your skills as you prepare to join the ever-evolving banking industry in Kenya.

Opportunities exist in departments such as customer service, credit, accounting, etc.

How to apply

Should you be interested in CBA Bank internships, email them using the address

To view all CBA Bank careers and related opportunities, click here.

CBK Internship

Why not consider the central bank of Kenya (CBK) in your hunt for an internship in Kenya banks?

The CBK internship in banks (CBKIP) program is a 6-months long attachment program that intends to help develop a pool of talented and highly-motivated professionals for the Kenyan economy.

And the unique thing about this opportunity is that you learn how both the central bank and commercial bank operate.

Opportunities are available in functions such as Finance, Strategic Management, Research and Economics, Legal Services, and Communications.

Basic Requirements

  • A first degree from any recognized university in areas like Statistics, Finance, Economics, Management Accounting, Micro-Finance, Law, Social Sciences, or any related discipline or even a Master’s degree in any relevant field.
  • Be between 21-29 years old.
  • Must have graduated not more than 24 months from the last date of the CBK internship advertisement and/or you’re awaiting graduation.
  • You must provide a reference/recommendation letter from your university.
  • Must not have undertaken previous internship programmes or gained relevant work experience in any other programme since graduating.

Personal Attributes

  • Must possess outstanding interpersonal as well as communication skills.
  • Be goal-oriented, passionate, dynamic, and self-motivated.
  • You must be a problem-solver and a team player.
  • You must be an individual of high integrity.
  • You must be computer savvy.

How to apply for the Central Bank of Kenya internship program

If interested, follow this CBK internship portal link (please confirm the deadlines before applying as the program has different timelines every year).

You should attach a properly completed application form, copies of your academic certificates/transcripts/documents and the aforementioned recommendation/reference letter from your learning institution.

SBM bank internships

SBM is one of the leading financial services provider in Mauritius and runs a Kenyan arm.

They do take interns occasionally in various departments and they could be worth checking out.

The bank is highly diversified and interns have, as a result, a chance to get in-depth knowledge from their daily interactions with the teams in charge of the bank’s financial solutions and banking channels.

How to apply

To try your luck, email your resume and cover letter to

CFC Stanbic Bank Internship

Another option for learners searching for an internship in Kenya banks is CFC Stanbic.

Like SBM, theirs isn’t a fully-fledged internship programme but they nevertheless do invite applications from qualified students and fresh graduates from time to time.

The bank advertises these opening through social media channels and website (CFC Stanbic bank careers page).

How to apply

The best bet here is to email your application for attachment via the following emails:

Barclays bank internships

Now trading as ABSA, Barclays Bank has been collaborating with the Government of Kenya and has rolled out a program that seeks to have at least 10000 Kenyan students undergo industrial attachment at the bank.

Already the first batch of 3600 trainees –from both college and universities- has been picked with plans underway to recruit the next cohort.

Recruits earn shs.25000 per month besides benefiting from assorted banking services at Barclays.

Be on the lookout for their next advert and details on how to apply on the PSC website here if you would like to apply.

Jamii Bora Bank Kenya Internships

No full internship program here but Jamii Bora Bank also recruits interns occasionally.

Keep checking for internships and other Jamii Bora Bank Kenya careers through their website

Final words

If you want to easily secure an internship in Kenya banks, don’t put money first.

Many students claim that they deserve to be paid as they offer their services to the bank.

Well, surprise, surprise…not many employers see it that way.

In any case, it’s a flawed argument as the bank can always hire professionals if they really do need that service.

Instead, the bank feels that it’s giving back to the community by giving you invaluable practical knowledge that you’ll never get from your lecturer.

In fact, it’s the bank that is incurring a cost to educate you!

But if they’re offering a token, grab it with both hands.

Otherwise, work and give your best, and don’t ask for a penny.

Chances are, they won’t let you go back home if you impress them enough.

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