Ways to keep your pregnancy bump a secret until you’re ready to share your news

Ways to keep your pregnancy bump a secret until you’re ready to share your news

Hiding your pregnancy during the first trimester can be difficult. Here we have put together our list of crafty ways to keep your secret until you’re ready to share your news.

If you’re not ready to tell your boss that you’re expecting, you need to come up with a pretty good excuse to take time off work during your first trimester, because there are multiple appointments with your GP, midwife, and hospital that you’ll need to attend. A tip that we recommend is saying you’re having dental trouble! Any major dental work will need more than one appointment which will provide good cover at work. It also gives you the perfect excuse to avoid any after-work drinks – can’t mess with antibiotics, can you?

Speaking of drinking, you can always pretend to drink! If you’re out with family or friends celebrating, it can be tricky to not have any alcohol without arousing suspicion. We recommend buying your own drinks and pretend they’re alcoholic. If you have generous pals, it’s likely they will offer to buy you a drink – answer sweetly that you’re pacing yourself or that you have an early start tomorrow!

Your friends & family are likely to be over the moon with your baby news but do make sure you’re careful with who you confide in. It might be worth keeping your secret until you’re ready to tell everyone that you’re pregnant.

Tummy trouble can also hide your morning sickness, any food aversions, and reasons for feeling rubbish! This is a great one for at work or to avoid any social gathering that you’d rather not attend.

No matter which white lie you’re sticking with, try to keep your hands off your tum; as strange as it sounds, as soon as ladies discover they’re expecting a little one, they don’t stop touching their stomach until after the baby is born. It’s a completely natural instinct but be careful in public if you’re wanting to hold onto your baby news a little longer!

To hide your growing bump, buy stretchy waistbands and flowing tops that don’t scream ‘I’m pregnant!’. We recommend just sizing up until your news is out and staying away from the maternity section in case you’re seen!

Perhaps a new detox is a way to go as the cover for your first trimester. A short 3-month health kick is a great excuse to note drink alcohol, avoid pregnancy no-go foods, and to explain why you’re feeling a bit naff! It can also cause bloating in the early days – no baby bump here!

Try to hand-fire with the baby shopping! We know it’s difficult as it’s one of the best parts of pregnancy, however, if you’re wanting to keep your news to yourselves a little longer, keep out of the baby aisles in the supermarkets where you might see someone you know & don’t let anyone catch you online shopping for baby supplies at work. Stay away!

Nosey work colleagues or a boss that checks your internet history may end up learning your news before you’re ready. Avoid obvious websites and Google searches that shout, ‘I’m pregnant’. Also, hide any magazines that you might have lying around.

One thing we will say is that you don’t need to feel guilty about keeping your incredible news to yourself for a while. It’s an exciting time but also overwhelming and it can take time to adjust to it. When you do announce your baby news, friends & family will understand and won’t be upset at all. In fact – you may discover that these tricks have been used by those you know before! 

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